Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ART!!!!! and SCIENCE!!!!

So yesterday was a cloudy blah day and I spent it home. Did some studio cleaning (YAHOO) and laundry and made some and finished some cards!!!! Here's a few.
The people stamps on all of these are from B Line Designs -I LOVE her stamps! The middle background is also a B Line and the other 2 are from Cornish Heritage Farms. You can see my mood was rather romantic- in the philosophical sense of the word, not the love sense of the word.
So today its raining again-which is good-better than the blah day-at least the DRY earth here is getting a good soaking. I laid in bed reading my latest book-yes, I am doing some science reading

Its a DNA history of the people from the British Isles (do they even use that term anymore?)-maybe I should say Great Britain and Ireland? Anyhow- he does go on a bit and ts informative and interesting...DNA is REALLY fascinating (Yes, I am a geek too). I read his book of the 7 daughters of Eve- this whole thing about mitchondrial DNA which gets passed only from mother to child and how they can use it to trace back your ancesteral roots-like thousands of years ago...someday I'd love to have it mapped it because my maternal ancesteral roots as far as I know are Polish/Russian or Slavic of some sort. The rest of my roots are Swedish or some time of Scandinavian...maybe German because everyone says I look German...who knows...this books throws in some history (much of it I had no clue about) and then goes into both mitchondrial DNA (mDNA for short) and the Y chromosome which makes males male. I'm getting to the point where he's decoding the DNA sequences to figure out where people's ancesterors came from. Really fascinating how we all most like arrived from someplace else...way way way back when...
And more, go back up into the studio...who knows what this rainy day might bring? (I say that a lot lately, don't I?)

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