Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 2 but no kids yet

Another brutally HOT day but no kids at school yet, love this no pressure start to school. Wonder if I'd like working without kids every day. Not rushing in, a little more morning time...hmm.
So here's a card I made that I'm quite fond of. The ladies are B Line Designs-love them-the background is CHF and the butterflies are die cuts I bought in a big pack of summery die cuts (marked way down-too). I love these ladies, B Line has the greatest stamps. Time to be up and off and running...this is the hardest part!
*****Quick update*****
99 degrees today. What weather to go back to school with and maybe a huricane this weekend-they're watching Earle. And its suppose to be as hot tomorrow when the kiddies return.

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