Monday, December 27, 2010


Hope everyone had a FANTASTIC holiday weekend or if it wasn't a holiday for you, a fantastic weekend. We did...traveled to my Mom's on the 24th for some family get together time, hung home on Christmas and did presents and relaxed and yesterday we went to my husband's family's get together at his sister's over near Portland, Maine. Was a great time had by all, lots of laughs, lots of joy and holiday cheer. Watched tons of movies over the weekend too...Eclipse, 4 Christmases, fact just watching that now and trying to pull it all together...
So we've been hit by the Holiday Blizzard of 2010 (as the media is calling it). Started last evening on our way home from Maine...and its been blowing and snowing....a GREAT morning to sleep in, so we all did until 10:30...needed that. Later I need to do some cleaning up...there's a pile of boxes in my livingroom still from Christmas...and it is time to start cleaning the studio a bit...or A LOT. Beautiful thing about today is no place to go and no need to rush...sit in my pjs all day if need be...LOVE IT! right now when I'm still wiped out from the holiday and pre-holiday I've got a week to relax and recharge...THAT IS WHAT I PLAN TO DO!
So photos are just quick snaps outside my windows this morning of the snow going on...our first BIG snow of the winter.
Enjoy and stay warm and dry, where ever you are.