Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of Lists!

Last Day of 2010!!!
I can't believe its almost less than 24 hours we will be in January...the holiday season of 2010 wrapping up...kind of sad, but kind of exciting too!
Not sure what my new goals for 2011 will be...looking forward to spending time with family and friends, making more art and learning new techniques, travelling to Vegas and Death Valley, getting my studio space really cleaned up and organized...who knows what else since to tell you the truth, I haven't really given it much thought YET.
So thought I would post some of my favorite items from my blog in 2010, kind of a recap you could say.
Here we go...are you ready?
January 2010

This was the best- yummy and fun. The rainbow cake!
Below, a few tags from my Paris book. In January I was busy working on the journal with LOTS of other great pages too. I wanted to be done before we left on our February vacation. Didn't quite finish that goal, but very close.

February 2010
The end of the month we went to Barcelona, Spain! Then we drove northeast into sotuhern France and went to Nimes and Avignon.

Got a new refrigerator in my kitchen.
Finished the last of the Paris journal!

March 2010

I made this fun Kiss the Cook book, a bit of a belated Valentine book.

First blooming crocuses in late March this year.

I posted lots of Barcelona and southern France photos.

And spring arrived!
(Sadly, my uncle Herbie passed was a dark spot on the month.)

April 2010

We had leaves popping out!!!

And my screen porch got opened up.

Our last light snow!

And had a happy Easter. Mde lots of spring cards and tags.

May 2010

A graduation-Yahoo!

Gnomes took over the gardens

And I made LOTS of cards.

June 2010

Summer arrived! That means summer vacation arrives!

Fun cards!

Adventures! Galore! As the boat went into the water and the weather was fine for going places and doing exciting things.

July 2010


Great art-mainly cards and my summer 2009 vacation journal got started.

Camping in the White Mountains!

August 2010

New floor!!!
Summer roadtrips continued.

Flying free in the dog days of summer before the routine restarted.

Need I say more?

Graduation party/well and Off to College party and Katie leaves for college

Septmber 2010

Whale watch on a beautiful day! Loys of whales too!

Fall cards

Apple picking and the air gets chillier!

October 2010

Leaves are beautiful and fall is really here!

Halloween projects like cards and this altered book

2 Birthdays!

More Summer 2009 vacation travel journal pages

November 2010

Christmas cards get started...(though most never got sent this year)

Thanksgiving arrived and was great!

Christmas tree time! Already!

December 2010

First snow!

Paris Christmas altered book

More Christmas cards
And finally, the Christmas holiday!
It was a FANTASTIC year for me! I give it a 10!