Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday is getting Closer...

Already December 18th...a week until Christmas...Katie is now home for her school mid-semester break until January 23...the big snow storm we were going to get Sunday night seems to now be going further out to sea than to hit us...still no winter weather except for a few rogue flurries....does this mean March is going to snow all month? As it seems...if we get early snow, it ends early, late snow...ends late...but some years there's little snow at any time and other years snow forever....who knows?
So Dave and I are off to Costco and Trader Joe's today...a fun little Mom and Dad shopping trip...get our holiday supplies...right now we're watching the Queen- amazing how Helen Mirren looks so much like this flick.
So the get ready for the BIG holiday coming up in another's some photos that represent

A Happy Dog!
A Happy Cat too!
Ornaments on a tree-each with stories to tell!

Our SANTA guy! 
The captain and his crew!
Of course-COOKIES!
A mess of Craft supplies for all those holiday projects!
And NOT this year it seems, but lots of snow!
Happy Saturday all!