Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Pain!!!!!

Oh a loss. Especially when your team way outplayed the other team (something like 35 shots on net to 21) but their goalie being far superior that evening kept out more shots and your goalie, let in 3 (final score-Maine2, UNH 3) , and one of those 3 shots should NOT have gone in. Oh, the PAIN!! Our guys certainly outplayed UNH a lot and deserved the win.
We will have a rematch in January at Fenway Park and we have tickets- we'll be out there freezing in the Boston cold on January 7th- hope for a warm night. And if that doesn't work, the final game of the season is March 3 at the Alfond up in Orono. A VERY tough crowd for sure. We won't be there since we'll have just returned home from Arziona and Orono is 4 1/2 hours away.
But this one hurts- especially when your kid goes to the rival school UNH.

This is much better. Put myself back on the beach in Duck, NC in July. Serene, relaxing. Don't have a clue why this loaded with those diagonal stripes on the page as there is none, but I am trying to put myself back into a food place. The page is distressed with light blue and brown ink, just very lightly. I started by stamping the bottom frame-became journal tag-with a Prima stamp. I colored in the outside in one color of Copic and used a brown on the inside. Then I stamped with word Special  by Hero Arts(- remember when they made those BIG word stamps several years ago...they were great!) in brown and the small saying in black (Rubber Moon). I attached the photo and used some paper scraps laying on the mess of my table, a paper edde and a blue circle. Then I added some real shell bits I picked up during our trip and a piece of brown twine (another scrap off the table) which I turned into a bow.
It is me, simple but complete.
Ok, stop being so deep n a Sunday morning when I set the bedroom clock wrong (I went an hour ahead) and thought I was getting up at an un-Godly late hour instead it was way earlier. That was a relief. Dreaming I went to this Chinese food buffet and I ordered noodles with fish and when they opened the serving pot it was full of baby snakes. I was crying because they had live guinea pigs too in this little cages where they could hardly move and they lady just served me a can of Bud beer instead of asking what I wanted, which was a Diet Coke...weird!
So yesterday I did get my basement cleaned up a bit!!!! Yahoo, but not my studio table. Right now I am going to make Trader Joe's brownies and coffee cake and then it is studio time...another COLD morning...maybe later when it warms a bit I'll go out for a walk and get some fresh air. The doggie-man would love that.
Have a good Sunday everyone!

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