Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012-My Bucket List

Yesterday was a home day- a few hours in the studio catching up on my holiday journal and I am quite pleased- I cleaned out 3 kitchen cabinets and my basement closet-which used to the be the toy overflow closet and then became the kitchen overflow closet but still needed a good today all the kitchen overlfow went into the newly organized closet and my cabinets are much more organized too as I moved many things into the overflow closet! Love it!
Here's a few more shore photos from I share some textures with you.

And since this is the week of looking back and for looking forward -and since I have looked back already, it is time to look forward. What would I like to accomplish in the next 12 months?
1-work on a sense of continual inner peace
2-work on my relationship with my mom
3-keep moving and exercising so I feel good
4-read more frequently... I've gotten behind this past fall-and I think need to find joy in it again-I get so distracted by the internet and tv and other things
5-learn new art skills and try new art projects -work on being a professional artist not an occasional crafter-but accept my time limits and cash flow limits-but I want to do a few more craft shows so I want to get "supplied"
6-accept those things I cannot change and try to accept those things with grace not anger or frustration
7-try not to let the stress of work and other things in life get to me so strongely 
8-try some more new recipes and have fun cooking and exploring that craft...
9-find adventure and maybe visit a new state or 2
10-finish some cleaning and organizing in my house and my big house project is to rip out my bedroom rug and put down a floor
11-push myself and not get lazy...
12-learn some new things-by being open to some new experiences
13-find my years purpose and goals...I usually let it come to me. This past year my goal was to work on my art and work on my French...which I did well with both...and this year coming up...let me see what finds me.
14-work on my French some more
15-don't let my studio get too messy and out of control since I spent so much time in 2011 getting it in shape
16-Practice patience...
17-Do more of what makes me happy
18- and be around people who help my being (heard this before? )
There may be some more if I think of anything else.
Jump ahead until 12/30 for a more complete list....found last years and it was great to use it as a starting point~

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