Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day Of Rest? No! Day of Fun!

It is Sunday, and I LOVE to get up and having a clean house. Not that my house is perfect-still clutter piles to clean up, but yesterday I clean and cleaned (no more animal hair flying around the floor and sand and all those things-it was plain DISGUSTING) and put up the last of holiday decorations. Now it looks festive and much better. So today I can have a day of FUN! I want studio time, chill out time and am going to make a pot of chili- I have a recipe from Nigella Larson (her Christms cookbook) that adds a dash of dark chocolate chips and I am going to try that. I think I might also make some dried fruit bread...yeast bread with dried fruit-my own version of German one else in this house will eat it but I can have it for breakfast.
And if there's any time or ambition left I might mix up some gingerbread cookie dough- the kind you roll into logs and freeze/refrigerate and then can slice and bake at another time.
Man, I sound very ambitious today.
But I am MOSTLY playing today by ear and if nothing gets done...then nothing gets done. If I chose to read all day on the couch...I will.
That is the beauty of today when the chores I needed to get done are all done.
And last night my dept. party was fun- it broke up early, just before 10- we met Katie and Brian at IHOP just after ten for pancakes and a little visit and then Dave and I came home and watched last night's Pillars of the Earth on REELS (we had recorded it) and so I didn't get to bed until after midnight. But it was a fun night.
This card I am very happy with. Green cardstock and then on bright green cardtsock I ambossed some evergreen branches (Sizzix) and then rubbed a darker green inkpad over them to darken them. I added some papertape- Tim Holzt- Holiday set. Then I stamped the poinsettia (Hero Arts). This is from a great older set with 4 boxed figured including a snowman and a snowflake...I colored with Copics and attached. Then using a strip of green cardstock to match  the background I I stamped the saying with the swirls and added some red Viva dots onto the ends of the swirls. Finally, I outlined the green embossed piece of paper with silver pen.
Like most of my cards- it is very simple.
Anyhow, enough of me sitting here writing- I should go off and play. And call my mother-let's hope her mood is better than it was Friday...Man, mother's...especially mine. I love her but I swear she is bi-polar or just plain weird sometimes.
Enough of me.
Happy Sunday!

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