Friday, December 9, 2011

Another edition of 10 things Friday

1- All I want to do is stay home and play in my studio and in my kitchen. I want to make some holiday yummies and play with my Christmas stamps and die cuts and papers.
2-Dave and I booked the first hotel for our Feb. trip to Arizona. We'll be staying in a historic (and haunted) B&B in Bisbee, Arizona for 2 nights. Got a deal as part of a Groupon. Have you done any groupons? They give you some pretty good deals. Thought this might be a unique adventure for us Yankees from New Hampshire. Never stayed in a place that is haunted before either. Hopefully it will be ghost free because I am kind of whimpy.
3- So we are into the DARK time of year. I leave and it is dark. I come home and it is dark. By 5:30 it feels like 8 at night. Right now my body has gone into a kind of hibernation mode...come home and put on my pjs after work. Would NEVER do that when it is still light. BY 4:30 is very dusk-not quite dark, but not light either.
4- I desperately need to pick up all the clutter around my house. It is driving me nuts.
But at least, so far, no snow that has lasted.
5- Maybe this weekend I will get to do some more reading of Great Expectations. I am really enjoying that book-again-I read it like 20 years ago. But I haven't been doing much reading lately. I also started aother oldie, but not quite so old. The Origin by Irving Stone. It is about Charles Darwin.
6- Tomorrow night I have my one and only Christmas party. I could really just stay home all weekend and play in my studio and bake Christmas yummies and lounge on the couch-and clean up my house too.
7- Still watching old movies. This week I have been making my way through Gone with the Wind.
8- Had no internet yesterday and now have it back. Usually I write this Thursday evening, but am finishing up this morning.
9-Wish I had stacks of extra cash- there's all these great craft supply deals. Like I really need more supplies. But there are some good deals. Instead, I need to finish my holiday shopping and how much money can you spend on yourself. (This is suppose to make me not want to buy all these sale supplies....ha-ha).
10-Been busy working on my holiday album this week. Not geting very far on my holiday cards. Maybe it will be a second year I don't send many.
Happy Friday!

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