Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things Friday-What I'd Love

This is my Valentine's edition of 10 Things Friday- just a few days early I know but I'm going with a theme this week-10 Things I'd love right now. And in hopes of being a bit out of the box for this season, not 10 things I love best, but 10 things I wish for....
1-I'd love for Maine Hockey to win NCAA national champions this year!
2-I'd love to get out and walk every day since I miss that so much at this time of year-hard to get out when you live on a dirt road that is icey, snowy or muddy and when you leave at 6:30 a.m. to go to work and it's hardly light yet.
3-I'd love for the temperatures to go up and spring to be here and stay here.
4-I'd love to have a big pot of tulips or daffodils blooming in my house.
5-I'd love to be a little less BUSY at work. You know, that perfect mix of busy enough not to be bored but not so busy you are going NUTS! Plus work 6 hours a day instead of 8, and get the same pay. (OK, a girl can wish, can't she?)
6-I'd love for today to be the day before we leave for our vacation because I can't wait to get away for a few days.
7-I'd love to come home some day and find my house cleaned and dinner cooking and all the banking, bills and errand running to be all completed. Yes, my husband helps out A LOT, but not that much.
8-I'd love to have a lot more studio time and the chance to design my own line of items. Wouldn't that be exciting?
9-I'd love for chocolate  to be zero calories and not fattening.
10-I'd love to find another pair of my favorite jeans since mine just wore out and ripped in an area where it would look silly to patch and I can't find any that are the same or even close...
It is fun to wish, but you know, I love my life a lot and even if nothing changed, I'll be happy-except maybe about the jeans....
And here's my fun photo for the day! It's one of the photos from Death Valley that I have been photo-shopping this past week. On the road in the desert is what I wish I was doing right now.

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