Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maybe today

To celebrate Valentine's Day I am going to show you a bunch of heart art in the next several days.
Here's a card I made using Hero Arts stamps...really really easy. First I stamped the bird twice, once on the white cardstock card itself and once on white paper. Then I colored the bird on the white paper and cut it out. To make that easier, I didn't cut out the heart tail or the legs or the hearts being sung. I colored those right on the image stamped on the card. Then I glued the bird down on top of the image and the heart to cut items come out perfect. Then I stamped the saying and the little hearts with tails and colored the hearts.
Super super quick and easy and it makes a great simple little card.

In the getting the colors spot on and getting rid of the wood grain lines on the card?????Where did they come from, I played around in Photoshop. My finished photo-shopped card doesn't even look like a real homemade card, but the bird is more the real color and it does look very finished....
So I have a bit of a cold and went home last night and put the pjs on at 4:30, even though it was a beautiful day well into the 40's with blue sky...Felt like March. I love that!!!!! But my nose was stuffy and I was tired and needed a nap. So I took a long one for 2 hours. Plus I wanted to read for awhile- you know how sometimes you just get the overwhelming reading mode? Or art mode? Or cooking mode? Travel? You get my drift. Yesterday at work most everyone was in such a BUMMER of a mood from the Superbowl...that was the talk of the day, though lots of people didn't want to talk about it-I think it was helpful to talk. We all moaned together...we all felt depressed together-one BIG therapy session, what can I say?
Thanks for visiting, I'd love if you said hi.

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