Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wow-it is FEBRUARY!!!

I can't believe one month of 2012 is gone already. I will say, New Years feels like an eternity ago, but still, January flew right by with a blink of my eye.  And this year we get an extra day in February too, which means I get to be 51 years old a little longer than normal since my birthday (which is in early March) gets pushed back a day.
Got to love that!
(I know, everyone born after Feb. 29 gets that too...but when you're so close to the makes it even better because you're still thinking about Leap Year-I guess.)
And what I like about February is that the days are getting definitively longer and at the end of the month I get a week off from work. YAHOO!
Got to love that too!
I like to go someplace less wintery during my February vacation and this year we are doing that too...just 25 days until we fly to Arizona and get to explore a part of the state I have never been to before.
Anyhow, that should be fun...but first to get through the next couple of BUSY weeks for me.
But enough about me.
Here's my daily dose of creativity-
I think this was one of the most fun cards I've made recently. All stamps are Paper Smooches, and I used a lot of different sets to make this. I started with red cardstock and a piece of scrap blue cardstock which I used a Sizzix Movers and Shakers square die to cut the squares, which I meant to be even, but just doesn't ever seem to happen for me. So I say make the best of the not so good and make it look like you meant it to be like it came out-one of the best lessons I've learned. I used a Sharpie to draw the outer lines on the blue and also to outline the squares.
The mugs are from Hot Concoctions, all done on saolid cardstock but embellished...doodled the flowers on Mr. Bowtie in the middle and added the red doodled rim on My. Mustachio. Mr. Bowties glasses come from Chubby Chums 2 and his bowtie is from Sunny Side Up.  I also got Ms Lips  bows  (the top cup) from the Sunny Side Up set. For her lips, I used Perky Plants, I used a watercolor marker to just color her smile and lips and not the rest of the plant. I think that worked out well. Then I added a few hearts since this is February and it is the month of romantic love. For the words, I used the you're from the My Guy set and the Hot Stuff from Vegtastic set.
I do wish another of Paper Smooches sets would come out with some outlined lips like in the Snow Duded set since I lost my stamp in that set, it slipped out of my fingers and I scoured the rug for it, but no luck. They are fairly tiny so I guess it is bound to happen, and most of the other lips in these sets are already solid.
Maybe in the future.
Maybe Kim Hughes if you ever read my blog you'll see this and include them again in some new design...
Oh keep dreaming gal.
Anyhow, thanks for visiting.

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Paper Smooches said...

WOW!! what a clever card!! I love it :)