Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Today is a big holiday in the US- the 4th of July or Independence Day. Last night I spent some time making brownies and a pasta salad for the big family cookout at my Mother-in-Laws this afternoon. I will be arriving a bit late since I will be working a 3 hour shift at the lake, but that's OK. Of course we are a bit showery right now so if the weather doesn't clear that can change everything.
And tonight we have fireworks in Wolfeboro- I hear Romney is walking in the parade there too since he has a summer house in the town. I can image there will be reporters everywhere.
Or maybe not.
But I am not a very political gal.
So yesterday morning was GORGEOUS! Dave and I went kayaking on the Merrymeeting Marsh and it was fantastic. Kayaking is the perfect summer activity. I saw some herons, ducks, lots of turtles...and we only passed 2 people when we were almost back to the ramp.
I had hoped to make something arty with a 4th of July theme, but that didn't happen. No art today, but I will be back with more some other time.
Enjoy your holiday if you are celebrating, and thanks for stopping by.

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