Saturday, July 14, 2012


My summer dilemma-the clutter around the house. My motivation to clean it up... hardly existent. I don't mind doing a small project, but I don't have a lot of totally free  stay home time. (OK-way too busy out playing -and I am having a ball!) And when I am home, I want to play in the studio or sit on my screen porch and read, not clean. So the clutters  are little by little getting cleaned up, but there still seems to be so many messes! Could my house possibly be bad? And here's one mess I should clean but seem to be happy living with-  the table in my studio is still horrible. Let me show you that mess.

And I have some wall painting to do too. My bedroom, the bathroom.
And a few other projects...
Notice how I have been bringing up this topic a few times this summer....
I feel like I should be more ambitious.
Maybe I need someone to tell me it is ok to not get these projects done, and that summer is not about getting all this work done.
It is about relaxing and playing and having fun.
Maybe I need to get past this puritanical New England work ethic mode.
I definitely I have a problem with this.
Anyhow, today I am working at the lake and then going to a cookout at my mother-in-laws. Should be a fun day.
And NO messes will get cleaned or walls will get painted.
Besides, it is VERY hot and humid. Too hot and humid to work-a better day to go swimming.
I am my own worse enemy.
Thanks for listening to me unload for a couple of minutes.
I feel better already.

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