Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wild and Wierd

Yesterday I took my senior zoology class to the New England Aquarium in Boston. A bit disappointed they had a lot of the aquarium closed off for renovations, but overall, it was still a very good day.
I got to see one of my favorite creatures at the aquarium.
I love watching these guys. They are so weird and different and interesting.
Yes, you heard me right.
Do you know what these critters are?
They are cuttlefish.
Related to squid and the octopus.
The one in the far back is not so white because of the photo but is so white because the cuttlefish changes its color and pattern to blend in, and since he (or she) is under the bright light, they have become very white.
These guys can also flash light through their bodies to confuse their prey, and I have seen that one other visit, but not on this visit.
I did see them reproducing though, which was pretty unique too.
They're strange looking but pretty cute too. Love this big eyes.
The volunteer at the aquarium told me they don't live that long and they reproduce before they die.
The couple on the left side of the tank are reproducing. Right out for everyone to see, even this little boy I happened to get in the photo.
Rather strange as they are connected head to head.
Not really rated X, I guess.
I like visiting the aquarium. They have some really interesting and some other really weird creatures and it is always relaxing to watch the fish or jellyfish swim around in their tanks. Plus they have this eared seal who makes really loud and  funny noises.
That was cool since one of the kids brought it up in class on Monday and we watched the YouTube video and had a good laugh about this seal.  Look up seal that sounds like man to get a listen if you are so inclined to know more about what I am talking about.
The kids liked going to the aquarium today too.
We walked to Quincy Market for lunch afterwards, which teenagers always like because they all like to eat.
Plus it was a beautiful sunny day even though there was a COLD wind off the ocean.
A good day all in all.

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