Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More Flowers

The other day I had the first flowers in my garden.
Crocuses, finally!
I am so excited for gardening season to be back.
And hearing chirping birds in the morning and
the chirping tree frogs at night.
Since it was too windy  or wet to work outside the last couple of days,
and since I had so much fun making my little flower bouquet recently
I decided I would make a few more colorful blooms.
Indoor gardening so to speak.
I know they aren't anything wildly unique or unusual, 
but they make me happy.
 I colored these using alcohol inks and went for a tie die look.
I had decided to make my fleurs out of an envelope that came in the mail. Inside  the paper addressed envelope was a  Tyvek envelope, and I decided instead of just throwing it away it would 
be a great material to make my flowers out of.
 And it was. It colored great with alcohol inks and I could roll and curl the petals quite to my satisfaction.

And with these little pom-pom flowers I didn't even bother to hide the envelope's printing.
Now I need to add the stems and put them into another vase of some sort.
My house is going to be blooming all over-ha-ha.
I enjoyed writing this post since we went from some summery weather earlier this week back to some late winter chill today! Plus I woke up to a dusting of snow! YUK!!!!!
The weather is such a fickled lady.
Thanks for stopping by.

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sheila 77 said...

I do like these flowers very much, a great use for alcohol inks and envelopes, and I like where the printing shows too.