Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Road Trip

Today I am taking a little road trip down to visit my mom in Massachusetts. Just for the day- its only a couple of hours each way. Harl is going with me for company, and he's a dog who loves to ride. Usually that means he'll fall asleep for most of the trip.
Yesterday I had some great studio time. I managed to play for 4 hours before this New England Puritanical work before play ethic kicked in. The work I did was getting out into the gardens so even though it was work it was enjoyable and something that isn't a chore to me.
I think I have managed to convince myself that I only have a week off so there is no sense working away the whole vacation. Putting relaxation and play as my priority will only make it feel more like time off when next Monday rolls around and I'm back to school.
So yesterday in the studio
mostly I worked on my explorer journal and fought the urge to make it more of a scrapbook/ journal, which most likely it will turn into one since I do love to keep a scrapbook. I call them my scrap-journals because they are a mix of a scrapbook and journal page. Here's a couple of pages I made yesterday.
This page looks much better in person than it does here. Here it looks all like a bunch of pieces layered, but finished it doesn't look quite so much that way.  Funny how photographs do that sometimes and sometimes make pages look better than they are.
You can notice my style is kind of art journalistic,  messy, and not exactly the kind of pages a scrapbooking magazine would publish.
Like an art journal might be. I love to play with backgrounds. Maybe a bit too much vertical on my pea-soup page.
Oh well.
You might also notice my photo colors are really off-not sure what the issue is with my printer but think it needs to head off into retirement and be replaced.
Here's a few other rather routine and not too exciting photos from yesterday.
 A sign on my walk and below, my daffodils are just waiting for some warm sunny days to pop open and bloom.

Harl (my dog)  going up to the back door after out walk.  My cat Leo strolls down to greet us. I love it. A greeter cat!

Walking down out street.

A selfie on my walk. Still cool enough the scarf felt great on my neck.

Look, my rhubarb is coming up.

My pea soup was delicious!

Until next post- au revoir.

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