Monday, April 28, 2014

Studio Day

My plan today is to spend some time in my studio, doing a bit of art and maybe even a bit of cleaning. If the weather holds, I might end up outside a bit too, but who knows.  The weather this week isn't looking very encouraging, but at least they are NOT saying snow!
Yesterday I got back to my paintings a bit.
 I added some cloth seaweed (I made  by cutting some scrap cloth I had) and some die cut sea creatures. I also went to dig to out some pearl beads I had and found these plastic starfish I also had. Forgot I had those, but don't they work great?
 Getting close to being finished, but not quite there yet. Letting the paintings simmer in my brain, seeing what I come up with to complete them.  Maybe I'll  get back to them today. Or maybe I'll do something else.
Love having that choice.
So yesterday was a pretty low key day. Along with my studio time I read, watched the Amazing Race and the Game of Thrones, and made a nice dinner for my family before we brought Katie back to school. I also made some Pea Soup. (For my lunch today-YUM!)

I used this cookbook. I've made pea soup before, but never thought of making it with chicken stock and bacon like the recipe here. The only thing I didn't do is puree it because I don't mind my pea soup being chunky. Overall, it was so easy that I will be making it again.
What I am wrestling with right now is something that always happens to me when I am home for a one week break.  I feel like I need to do all these chores, and then I get mad because I don't have enough fun and low key time. A week isn't all that much time, and it flies right by, so finding the right balance is important.  And I think I need to do more fun than is vacation after all.
 Does this happen to you?
Or am I the only obsessive one?

Adios for today.

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Anita Houston said...

You make me want to go to the beach! Love the artsy beach look here! So wonderful!