Saturday, April 12, 2014

Driving Around

I had an hour to kill the other day between work and an appointment  so I drove out to a quaint little coastal New Hampshire town named Newcastle which is on an island (Great Island) right off from Portsmouth. It was a foggy afternoon and made for some interesting shots.

This is a famous old hotel called the Wentworth by the Sea. I have never stayed there but I once got paid for a tutoring job with a lunch coupon. I had the most delicious lobster sandwich-it must have contained at least 2 full lobsters.
Another from the car view but you can see these pretty colonial homes.  I didn't do anything to this photo, so you can see my dashboard along the bottom.

It was so foggy that after I left Newcastle and headed up Route 1  I couldn't see Maine on the other side of the new bridge between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine.
It isn't that long of a bridge.
I was heading over to Maine for my appointment.

 And here's another fun photo from down in Portsmouth. There's a new burger place in town and they have this fun car parked out front.
What a hoot!
The burger place is called
Just in case you are on route 1 heading south towards Hampton and want to check it out.
It was a good burger. But you could also have it as chicken or fish or veggie if you're not into beef.

And speaking of the road, here's an interesting travel volume I am reading.
This book is about a classic road rally that starts in Peking (Beijing) and ends in Paris (well, obviously.) Participants drive antique cars that are basically fitted from the time they are built. The author, Dina Bennett was navigator for her husband Bernard. So far, an interesting and a different kind of travel read.
Have a super day and stop back soon.

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Carol Porter said...

Great photos, what a lovely place to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just subscribed to yours. :)