Monday, September 29, 2014

A Few More Snapshots of a Beautiful Saturday

 I really don't have much in the art department to show you right now. Last weekend was so gorgeous (I think I told you that already). I was more inspired to enjoy the freak summery weather outside rather than in.
Here's more snapshots of our boating adventure.

I've definitely into shooting bird snapshots.

The sister-in-law and her husband in their boat.

These summer like days are mostly gone until next year. Unless we get a surprise again.
May you have smooth sailing on your day today.

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JKW said...

My best girlfriend (since 3rd grade) lives in NH too. I love it there (too icy and cold in the winter for me though). I love seeing your fantastic art, but most of all thank you for these beautiful pictures. Blessings, Janet (from Paint Party Friday).