Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dina's Ladies

 Back at the end of August I took a couple of classes one Saturday with Dina Wakely at my favorite craft store.
Here's the link in case you are interested: Dina Wakely class photos.
In the afternoon we were using her lady rubber stamps and altering them into artful paper dolls. I didn't quite finish my pages, and I'm still working away, but I am getting closer to being done and thought I'd show you the ladies so far. 
It was a lot of fun altering them.
Dina said these were my girl musical group.
I was really channeling the 1960's that day.
You see the middle lady in the group of 3- she is the same stamp as the bigger single woman on the top page-just used the smaller stamp for one and the larger for the other.
They look so different though.
We also played with some background techniques, but its the ladies who steal the show.
Here's the stamps we used to make these ladies.
Amazing how a little hair changing makes all the difference, isn't it?
I started another page on my own this past weekend. Didn't get very far though-the weather was so summery and beautiful so we were out enjoying it.  I'll get back to it though!

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Bindu said...

Love the girl musical group. The dresses are wonderful!.