Monday, September 15, 2014


Another week begins. All kinds of adventures are ahead. Or least lots of little experiences that make up our lives.
I've got more of a normal work week ahead but I am traveling this upcoming weekend. More about that later.
I've been working on this page for a while now, and it is finally finished.
I'm not really one for drawing faces. Scares me down deep I think. 
But I got brave and painted this face over a gelli printed background. I am happy with the hair and eyes, but NOT the lips. I also did some  collaging around the face, bordered the page and the cut the hearts out of another  page (one I was attempting but it was such mud I decided it was either cut it up or toss it). Finally a little spray to congeal the whole thing and there you have it.
My first painted journal face.
It is what it is, as the hubby would say.

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