Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Glass Flowers

Here's a journal page I made  in my spring-summer scrap journal about my trip to Harvard University's Natural History museum a couple of weeks ago. I picked up a couple of their freebie brochures and cut them for the photographic images on the page. I added some bits of things sitting on my desk, stamped the sun and the bees, drew and painted in the leaves and stamped the background with this new TH stamp. I must say I LOVE how it looks. Think you'll be seeing this image again. The photo is of the Blashka's, the father and son team that made the gorgeous glass flowers. (Here's my post with those photos at the museum Off on an Adventure.)
Today I have a late day at work since we need to sash the seniors who are members of the National Honor Society.  I am one of the advisers of that group. Its a nice little event that really caps off the year and sends those high achieving seniors off with their gold sashes to wear at graduation on Friday.
Still counting down. We're into single digits of kids day left . That is always exciting since we start with 180 teaching days and to think we are down to only 8 left; it makes you realize how far we've journeyed. Need to make it until Friday when the seniors will be really gone and then only 5 days left with those other kiddos. :) I am ready for summer. (But if you stop by regularly, you probably have figured that out by now. Ha-ha.)
Have a great day.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really enjoyed revisiting the Museum with you. Those flowers really WERE gorgeous, and you did a good job of recreating them. I'm glad you picked up the freebie at the Museum so you could use it in your art. It was truly the focal point of the spread.

Short timer! When the days are less than double digits, you can nearly relax. When you can count them on one hand, look out world. I take it you teach all ages in high school.

My hot water heater was not ruined by the flood, just the pilot light went out, which Scott relit. Not sure if I read your comment right or what. BTW, be sure to drop by tomorrow, because I actually created tomorrow's tutorial with you in mind.

Valerie-Jael said...

I can imagine how excited you must be that the big day is coming nearer. Have fun with the graduation! Your journal page is gorgeous, and the day at the museum is really worth recording. Love the background stamp you used! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

Oh! The Blaschkas again! What a fantastic page Erika!
It really seems as it's managed .... holidays soon.. here as well...they start on 4th of July here.

oxo Susi

sheila 77 said...

Oh yes, this is so well balanced and interesting. I love the effect of the green leaves over the text and the old photograph.

Meggymay said...

Its a fantastic page and to use the freebie in this way, stores the memory of the day. Not long now with your countdown.

Jeanie said...

Lots of pretties on this page. I really love what you did with the museum brochures. And that photo is great. You really did a terrific job.

Happy week!

Anonymous said...

Cool bit of history there. xox

~*~Patty S said...

Love the pretty flowers to frame your super collage of that very talented family!