Thursday, June 23, 2016

Until the Sun Disappeared

No complaints about my first day of summer vacation. 
I enjoyed a morning walk, played in the studio, took a little siesta, read and even managed to get a little bit of cleaning in. :)
It hasn't taken me anytime to get into vacation mode this year.
Besides a little journaling today, I played with solar printing again. I had done a bit last summer, and its something I want to learn more about this summer.
So I recently bought a few bottles of of Jacquard Solarfast paint. You paint it onto fabric, place a dark mask on the painted fabric and then this goes into sunlight to develop. I printed a few altered photos as transparencies and then used those as masks to solar print. This was all an experiment, as I  never used Solarfast before and was really curious about it. 
I only got 4 pieces done before the sky turned black and the rain came down. You can see those 4 experiments while processing in the photo above.
I really liked how one of them turned out.
I liked this one.
And I learned a lot from the other 2.

Once you are finished you rinse out your pieces and that stops the printing process.
I plan on playing around with Solarfast more this summer. I am still trying to make some transparencies that really knock my socks off.  AND Its very exciting to experiment.  

And today I finally had one flower bloom on my peony plants. Its the first time they've ever bloomed.
 And my roses are looking gorgeous right now also.

That's all for me today. I've got a few errands on my list, but I'm not spending my whole day with chores. What about you? Up to anything fun?


Valerie-Jael said...

Love those solar prints. Haven't tried it here because the papers/paints are too expensive here for me. Your flowers are looking great, enjoy summer and school free! Hugs, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

Gorgeous -- that looks so good - good that you will experiment more with this cool technique - I am curious about that!
Wonderful your peonies and roses! Fabulous!!!
I think it is a pretty good year for all kinds of roses this year... my roses also have so many, many blooms this year...gorgeous!Enjoy your holidays dear Erika!

My kitchen will come on 13th of July .... I am very excited about it!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

SO glad you are enjoying your summer vacation now that it's here. You seem to be enjoying it wisely.

I've never seen the Solarfast, but I know there are other solar products (one I think is also by Jacquard) that I want to try. The problem is, you can only get them over the internet because no one carries them in my city. May I suggest try heavier items and you'll get a better outcome (seeing the last two). I have a friend who painted the various colors on, then laid coins all over the top of the fabric. Good luck with it.

As for me? I'm off to shower and head to bed.

sheila 77 said...

Fascinating to see the results of your solar printing. It's good to play with new techniques. I don't think the sun is strong enough or out long enough to try it here, but I might investigate.

Meggymay said...

I have not come across this product you used. Your results using it look fantastic. Lovely photos of the blooms as well.

Divers and Sundry said...

I've never had peonies. I always thought they'd be too delicate for me to grow successfully. Your roses are beautiful, too!

~*~Patty S said...

Solarfast sounds really interesting Erika and your experiments look super.
How nice to have peonies (even just one) AND roses blooming at the same time...all so pretty.
Every flower that blooms is my favorite it seems ;-)