Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Great North Woods-or North of the Notches

Happy new week everyone. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I took a day trip this weekend, and today, instead of art, I am going to share some view of my trip with you.
When I was a child, my family would often take a week's holiday in the northern most town  in New Hampshire, the state I now live in. The name of the town is Pittsburg, and I hadn't been there for probably at least 30 years. But I was curious to see if and how it changed. 
Anyhow, since yesterday was cool and wet and not a good boating day, the hubby and I (and the 2 dogs too) took a road trip up to Pittsburg. We ended up driving around 330 miles and were gone for almost 13 hours. 
Pittsburg (like most of northern New Hampshire)  is very rural and  very wild.  Its an area of small dairy farms and even more so thick north woods.

In New Hampshire , we have mountains. And we have some mountains passes, which we call notches. All the parts of the state that are above of these notches we refer to as"North of the Notches", and that's where we went. We couldn't go much further north and stay in the US.
Since we didn't bring passports, we didn't go further into Quebec.
But it was tempting. 
And we drove closer to the north pole than the equator.
(Well, it was chilly and felt like the north pole but I know it isn't that far north.)  :)
 The cold didn't bother the 2 dogs though. They needed a little fun too.
There's some beautiful lakes in Pittburg. Too bad it was cloudy and the mountains aren't very visible.

I was glad to see that things hadn't really changed very much. That way the journey didn't conflict with my memories, which was what I was hoping. 
 Besides seeing Pittsburg, we got to explore some other parts of New Hampshire too. 
And we saw some other interesting views too.
 We drove through 3 different notches. In the northern most one, Dixville Notch, is this gorgeous old hotel called the Balsams. 
 And this is one of the big rivers that flows in New Hampshire and Maine.
 And we discovered this interesting store. It was a full sized hardware store, and a full sized grocery store, and also a sporting goods store,a camping store and a clothing store too. I love stores you find like this in really rural places. 
And have you ever seen these kind of shoes?
And they had this taxidermied  albino moose. But I saw something more exciting than that,
She was feeding in a marsh.

This is what I was hoping to see. :) I didn't even need to crop these photos. 

I hope you enjoyed this journey through my post today. 
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my, what gorgeous photos, I just love seeing the pics of where you go to. You really had a long trip, nearly in Canada, what fun. You saw some lovely sights, you must have been very tired by the time you got back! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

Thanks for my vicarious trip :) I loved the scenery and the moose in the wild. I've never seen one. I think I'd love a stay in that hotel

~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE were close to Ms Moose!!!
She's a beauty. One day I hope to see that in person.
Very interesting and fun to read about the notches and more.
Thank you for taking us on your trip to Pittsburg so we could enjoy a bit of it too. Super photos and fun!

Meggymay said...

Awesome photos from your trip. The scenery looks beautiful. I had to smile at those grass flip flops.
Meg sends a hello to Maddie and Pete. They both do look they are enjoying being in the water,
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

Erika, this is a place I've never been and what fabulous photos! I can see why you love it and why you would want to return. Oh, the moose is amazing -- just Out There! I love it!

sheila 77 said...

Oh gosh Erika, what a day trip - 330 miles!
I just loved seeing all your photos, I carefully examined every one, the long road, the signs, the moose!!!!, the fairy-tale buildings, the grass flipflops (haha!) - what a great trip, I enjoyed it, thanks.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thank you for taking me with you on your trip to Pittsburg - I think I like this area - wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's one really long day. Sounds like it went exactly as you hoped. Maddie and Pete look like they got some fun too! Glad they did not encounter Mama moose. xox