Sunday, September 18, 2016

Football Sunday

I love rainy Sunday mornings. Especially when we haven't had a rainy day for months and our soil is all crumbly with this drought. I bet the plants are doing their happy dances right now.
I also love it because it gives me an excuse to be lazy and lay in bed for 2 hours reading before I got up (a real luxury) and not need to try to find any ambition to do anything. Somehow it is OK to lay on the couch and watch (American) football when it is raining and dark all day. I don't think I will ACTUALLY do that, but if I want to, I could and not feel guilty about doing it.
So my Art Journal Journey page today has a little bit to do with (American) football. This month's theme (Thanks Elizabeth) is Back to School, and back to school is the start of football season. Here in the US a lot of high school football games are played on Friday nights. In some parts of the US, not so much in New Hampshire where I live, Friday night high school football is huge.  Saturday is usually college football day, and then Sunday is the professionals. I know here in New England professional football is the most popular. I am married to a football guy so Sundays is always about the Patriots (much loved here, much hated elsewhere), and then whatever other game he can catch is on the TV. I will admit he is not the stop life for the game kind of a guy, and he loves being able to record the game and then watching it later  in the day once he's done with whatever he is doing.
Now on to my page. High schools and colleges usually have a weekend in the fall called Homecoming Weekend.  There are often many events but the big one is the home football game. In high school for homecoming weekend, there is usually a dance for the students after the big game (or the next day in some cases). There is often a homecoming king and queen, 2 people either picked or voted for by the other students. I think this king and queen part is going away, at least at the school where I work. 
This is what my page is about. A little love story about the home coming  dance.

My background paper is an alphabet, to represent school, and it also works with the new challenge at Moo Mania which is alphabets. Not sure this couple looks exactly like high school kids, but it is still them in their 50 years together. I also used some die cuts, a stamp or 2 and a couple of stickers too. Those black discs are old vinyl records (gone but coming back I see), and I added a speaker  and a microphone.
So that's it for me today.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Valerie-Jael said...

Great page, and love the ideas and thoughts behind it. Thanks for another lovely page for AJJ. You deserved a lazy morning, so enjoy things like that as often as you can! Hugs, Valerie

Divers and Sundry said...

I tend to curl up and read on a day like that :) We're overdue for one of those days around here.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Thank you for the explanations about American Football - o.k. - I am not familiar with all the rules of this but I neither understand much about our European Football/ Soccer I am not a football person at all- neither my hubby. He enjoyed a funny lawn tractor racing on saturday and had so much fun there.
Your romantic page is just beautiful Erika -
thanks a lot for another fabulous idea for AJJ ♥ and I hope you enjoyed this weekend - sounds heavenly with the extra hours in bed for reading and relaxing. Hope you managed the plans with bringing the boat out of water as well - or was the weather too bad for that?!
We got now some rain and less temperatures as well... I guess autumn will start very soon now after this late hot summer days- they were such a pleasure!
Happy new week ahead!
oxo Susi

froebelsternchen Susi said...

And I say THANK YOU ♥♥♥
for joining Moo Mania & More
Always so nice to have you with us there as well!
oxo Susi

Anonymous said...

Football sure is everywhere th we days. Great thoughts about homecoming! Your image makes me think f the 50's. Xox

Anonymous said...

Football sure is everywhere th we days. Great thoughts about homecoming! Your image makes me think f the 50's. Xox

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love the nostalgia and romanticism of this page. I am not into football, but I do support the Texas A&M University Aggies's team, where my daughters attend. I hope you enjoy the rest of this Sunday, as well as the blessed rain.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You and I are on the same wavelength. I just got an announcement about my homecoming at two schools. I plan to attend both. But of course, both of mine are colleges, not high school. I DO remember the high school crowning of king and queen and the ceremony was held in the gym the afternoon of the game (which as you pointed out was always on Friday night). It was always seniors who were chosen, and it was by popular vote at my school. College had no queen and king. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for this incredibly awesome AJJ entry!

~*~Patty S said...

Love the romance in this cool page you created Erika!
Reading what you wrote made me think of a favorite TV show FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. I am not even a football fan but really enjoyed watching that.
Tis the season definitely for football isn't it.