Sunday, September 11, 2016

School Days

Here's another journal page for Art Journal Journey. Its back to school time! Thanks Elizabeth for hosting!
My page celebrates an old old song that I don't think started off as a children's song but by the time I came along it was children's song. My background is paint, some layered tissue paper and a repeated stamped image. I added some paper tape and the stamped numbers, along with some little stars and a 3D pencil sticker. I stamped this great little girl, which is a relatively new rubber stamp for me. Its from the long defunct Postmodern Stamp company and I have been looking for it on eBay for several years. About a month ago I finally found one. I have the mate to it, which is a little boy in a sailor suit, and now I finally have them both. :)
These 2 days weekends just fly right by and another work week awaits on the doorstep. I had a good weekend, though I spent a little too much money. When we were out running errands yesterday we stopped at an LL Bean outlet (For those of you who may not know LL Bean, they started as a sporting good store and have grown to a large retailer of not only sporting goods but classic traditional clothes. They are based here in New England, and we have lots of the outlets here in New Hampshire.).Anyhow they were having a good sale. I managed to get myself some new jeans, a wool sweater, a flannel shirt and a great wool blazer. All for less than the blazer cost at regular price.  
Yup I may be a little early for the cold weather but we all know its coming.  :(
This morning we had a really big storm, with thunder and lots of wind. We even lost power for a little while. Now we have yellow leaves all over the lawn since the trees are turning yellow and brown really early this year with the drought. Even without the dropped leaves it is looking like late fall. At least the heat has broken and now it even feels like autumn.
Especially since football season is here and school is back into full swing. We got our first bag of fresh picked apples too the other day. OK, I am ready for fall.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a darling school entry, but I'm singing it in my head as I type. I may get it out of my head by Tuesday (grin). I remember Postmodern Stamps, although I never bought any because I'm not a very good stamper. It's sad when a big stamp company goes out of business, but uou got a wonderful stamp, anyway.

Your weekend buying binge made me think of a spread I want to create. You triggered the idea and now I must complete it. Thanks to you, I will make a spread, even though I didn't shop at LL Bean for it! Hope it was a fun weekend and you got exactly what you wanted. Here's to a new week, dear Erika.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your journal page, I don't know that song you wrote on it, but good to read it. Thanks for another lovely entry for AJJ. Sounds like a great sale, glad you were able to get some good clothes at a great price, have fun wearing them when it gets colder. Have a great bew week, Hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

Its a lovely page. We never forget songs that help us learn.
Sounds like you had a good store shop and got some bargain buys.
Yvonne xx