Monday, January 2, 2017

Meet Pete

When my daughter graduated from college she moved in with her boyfriend and they adopted a rescue dog named Pete. Then she and her boyfriend broke up and she moved home with Pete. Since she's been home  about 1 1/2 years now, Pete has become as much our dog as hers. He's a Labrador and hound  mix, and a usually very sweet guy, whose a little nervous around strangers.  But he has one MAJOR love in his life, and that is chasing squirrels.
I've had many dogs who enjoyed a good squirrel chase, but none that went on patrol at first light in the morning, no matter what time first light is. (Our other dog will sleep as  late as you lounge with her, even if its noon. Not that I lay in bed until noon!. :) )
But not Pete.  As soon as the sky brightens he is sitting in the window where he can see my bird feeders.  As soon as you let him outside he races off, and with his long legs he can really move, chasing those squirrels into the wood the behind the house. Once he knows they are back up in the trees, he returns, comes in the house, and starts the process all over again.
Except on Christmas morning. My husband let Pete out and he actually managed to grab a squirrel in his mouth. Of course whether he knew what to do with it then or whether the squirrel wiggled free, we don't know, because a moment later it was lose and up the tree.
Of course, maybe Pete thinks the squirrels are going to sneak into the house and steal his bones, and that's why he chases them away too. I guess I will only have to hypothesize about that idea.
I think you've seen this before, but this is Pete.

So I am linking my page up to Art Journal Journey, where the theme this month is "Every Journal Page Tells a Story". I made my page by doodling Pete and the tree as well as the bones.  Then I stamped the squirrel a few times, and I used a little tape and some stickers.
Stop by with your story journal pages.  I look forward to seeing what stories you have to share.

Also, today is Tuesday, so I am linking up to

So you get a double view from me for a switch.
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 How about a large diet Coke and a really delicious taco salad?
A huge salad, that I once again couldn't finish.
We tried a new restaurant called Cactus Jack's, which is a sister restaurant to the place where I usually get my taco salads, and which many of you in the T Gang might remember me having.
It was yummy and it makes me want another one now!
So I managed to get most of my holiday decorations put away this past weekend, as well as watching a few more movies on the TV. And now, its time for the work routine again. It was a good break. But like every break, it was too short and too fast. :)
Happy T Day everyone.


Linda Kunsman said...

awe, but Pete is a sweetie! Our Annie was an avid squirrel chaser too but never actually caught one(thankfully). Sweet art page and story-and a great theme for this month too. Taco salad?Yes! Happy New Year and happy T day!

Let's Art Journal said...

Loving your art today! Pete looks like a lovely boy and his love of chasing squirrels is shared with Sophie (the cute little girl dog in my post today - by the way she got two dog biscuits from the pub we visited ... lol). It's so funny as your story sounds so familiar, Sophie will gladly sit staring though the window at the bird feeders for hours and when you let her out she's off looking for squirrels :-). Thanks for sharing your story and bringing back memories that make me smile! Wishing you a Happy T Day, the taco salad looks so yummy! J :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Had to laugh at Pete. He must have a lot of nervous energy. I do like the page and the story you told behind it, too. I was glad to read that no squirrel got harmed in the making of that journal page (grin).

Wow, that was a huge taco salad. There's a place in Wichita that makes big ones, too. The shell is huge and they fill it to the rim (or is that brim?) Thanks for sharing it and your diet coke with us for T this week.

~*~Patty S said...

Pete sure is handsome and you have to appreciate his zest for life AND quest for squirrels LOL!
Your theme for AJJ this month is super.
I cannot wait to play along.
Everything has a story doesn't it ;-)
Happy first T Day of 2017 Erika.

Divers and Sundry said...

Good Pete! Squirrels do get in houses sometimes, and that's never a good idea.

Happy T Tuesday :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Another wonderful page for AJJ, I don't know any squirrel chasing dogs here! What a lovely boy he is! My Scruffy used to chase birds, ducks - anything with wings! The food at the place you visited looks good, you have made me hungry again, I need my breakfast! Thanks for all you are doing for AJJ, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

johanna said...

i enjoyed your Story of pete (though i think it is not funny to stand up at the first light in summer time, that´s quite early!). great for your wonderful theme at ajj!
and happy t-day (and rest of the year!!!) - xox

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Oh my gosh-- he managed to catch one! He is really a Master!I think they smell so wonderful. My boy is also really addicted to chasing squirrels , but never caught one.
He is much more successful in catching mice on the fields and he instructed the girl-dog meanwhile to an excellent mice catcher as well!
What a funny page ! I love it!
Awesome idea!
I love your stories!
And I would love to have such a taco salad with coke or a glass of wine just now!
It's nearly lunch time here and my stomach is rumbling when looking at this yummie stuff !Have to cook now - I am late today!
Happy T-Day and happy Art Journal Journey!
oxo Susi

Lisca Meijer said...

What a great journal page. But I really liked the story that went with it. Pete is adorable! (I love Labs anyway). I can just imagine Pete dashing out in the morning. The squirrels must plan their visits by now, knowing the routine.
I love the header with your bookshelf. I recognize several books. I can tell you like travelling.
My decorations are still up. (I only put them up a couple of days before Christmas, so I want to enjoy them for a bit longer. Here in Spain the festivities aren't over yet. Epiphany (Jan 6th) or Three Kings Day, is the day the children get their presents. There will be parades in the streets etc. Schools don't start until after the Kings.
Happy New Year and happy T-Day,

Meggymay said...

Its a fabulous journal page, Pete will have a lifetime work chasing squirrels from the garden. Our Meg doesn't like the wood pigeons anywhere near the bird feeders, but is happy to let others call. We wonder how she knows the difference.
Happy T day.
Yvonne xx

Gibby Frogett said...

Aww isn't Pete adorable ... and your drawing and journal page is fantastic and made me smile. So glad the squirrel managed to return safely to his tree.
Have a great day... Gill xx

Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Love the journal page and the tale of Pete's obsession - lol. You're lucky Pete doesn't try to jump through the windows like our Sadie does. As far as we know, Sadie doesn't chase birds when she's outside. However, in the house, she stands guard at the window in our TV room in the evenings. We're trying to train her not to do this; but if she sees a bird, she actually charges at the window barking and growling. It gives me a terrible fright every time.

Yummy looking taco salad! Happy T Day and New Year, Erika! Hugs, Eileen

Jeanie said...

What is it with dogs and squirrels? They just go nuts, our Jack used to do the same! Well, he's a handsome boy and I'm sure he's very good for grins! Love his page!

CJ Kennedy said...

Pete is so cute. Maybe he just enjoys his time with fluffy friends. Your journal page made me think: So many squirrels so little time. Oooh, that pint glass with the CJ might have to be relocated to my house (-; Happy T Day

Rita said...

I'm sure you feel safer with Pete on squirrel patrol--LOL! Cute page and loved the story. :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Well Pete is just darling! I have a cat Jinx that is just fascinated with the squirrels too... my front bay window is CAT TV i tell you.. Oh he loves the birds too but he chatters at the squirrels and i'm sure would dearly love to get a hold of one not that he would know what to do with it Happy happy first T day of 2017!! Hugs! deb

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love your journal page! Animals provide so many laughs - we miss not having one around! Happy T Day! Chrisx

Carol said...

Oh Pete is such a sweetie!! My Little Mini is determined to catch a squirrel too. She even tries to climb the trees after them. I'm sure if I didn't keeep her nails trimmed she would make a pretty good effort at getting up the tree :) Great page and story!!

Dianne said...

what a fun journal really does tell the story! love it...Happy T Day, and Happy New Year!

sheila 77 said...

Haha! What a lovely fun painting with the squirrels lined up challenging Pete to catch them and Pete giving them the eye. The one in the tree has escaped ...... so far, but he had better watch out.

Cazzy said...

Hi Erika and belated happy T day for last week. Thanks for visiting and your encouraging words. Pete sounds like a real character.