Thursday, October 12, 2017

Too Much Going on in My Head

Hi everyone.  
Here's a journal page for Elke's theme over at Art Journal Journey. This month we are creating pages all about Landscapes of the Soul. I saw this head in the back of a magazine at work. It was in an ad for financial planning, but when I saw it I immediately thought of this challenge, so I snagged the magazine and brought it home.  Hopefully no one is looking for this issue. :)
I added the creativity takes courage quote piece because it easy for life to take over and eat up creative play time.  I'll speak for myself at least. But I do like the big idea lightbulb in the center of his head. 
Today (Thursday) is my Mom's 88th birthday. She told me the other day she doesn't celebrate anymore. At 88,  I think she has even more reasons to celebrate, but there's no telling her that. :) I am hoping to go visit her this weekend since she's a couple of hours away from where I live.
And as the temperatures cool  off and it feels more like fall, our leaves are really peaking with their colors right now. It's so pretty. I took these photos of this little river I go by every day when I leave my house. 

  They say there's a good chance for a frost tonight. It seems to weird to write that (even though we had a little bit one night already) because we've gone in and out of these hot spells all fall. But today was really crisp. Maybe fall has arrived for real.
And it's almost Friday. This week has flown by for me, but I'm always ready for it to be the weekend. I felt all day like I am fighting a cold (ugh) so I am ready for some down time to try to fight this virus (although I still have to work tomorrow) and hopefully this weekend I can do some more of my clothes switch over. Last weekend I brought everything out, and now I need to finish washing and putting everything away. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?
Thanks for visiting.


Dortesjs said...

great colourful journal page, and wonderful autumn photos. thanks for showing ;O))

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I adore your journal page. It is fabulous. I also like the lightbulb. It's definitely a lightbulb moment.

I hope your mother has a great birthday. You will celebrate whether she wants to or not.

I'm so very lucky. I have two bedrooms I keep my clothes in. Summer is in one and winter in the other. I don't envy you the chore of getting your winter clothes ready to wear. Hope you get rid of your virus soon, dear.

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your head, great idea, and the photo are wonderful, the leaves look so pretty. We're supposed to be getting warmer weather for a few days, sounds good to me! Hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

a wonderful idea with this head, our heads are often full of all the things you have to do the whole day. Fabulous, Fanatasiereich the Jornual! Thank you for linking to Soup landscapes Art Journal journey
All the best of your mother's birthday, a proud age.
How beautiful the autumn time is with you!
Happy weekend,

froebelsternchen said...

A fantastic page Erika! - The shadin is great worked out this head brilliantly!
Great autumnal photos !
Happy start of the weekend for you!
Thanks a lot for another fab page linked to Elke's theme!
oxo Susi

Meggymay said...

That was a good find in the magazine, we all need 'a light bulb' moment now and again. Its a fantastic page Erika.
The autumnal photos look beautiful, lovely colour shades.
have a good visit with your mum, her Birthday should be an occasion to enjoy.
Yvonne xx

Jeannette said...

beautiful page,love the red siluoette,looks wonderful,and yes, in my brain is so many things too.
love the qoute too.
nice photos of autumn.

hugs jenny

Divers and Sundry said...

At 88 she's certainly earned the right to celebrate :)

Y'all have great fall color, and you got some good shots. I appreciate you sharing these since we're still getting highs of 90F and no color to speak of yet. I got out Fall clothes when we got our first cold snap which was a mistake. I need light-weight short-sleeved clothes in fall colors lol

I hope you don't suffer much from that cold. Be well :)

Faye said...

Love the journal page. The colored leaves are always exciting to view. Thanks for brightening my morning, Erika. Do visit your mother if you can. I just had my daughter here for my 83rd birthday a week ago and it was a delightful visit.

Jeanie said...

Trust me -- if I make it to 88 there is serious partying going on!

I love your piece. Very thought-provoking. And your color in nature is so dazzling, far more than anything we've seen here yet, but perhaps soon!

SLScheibe said...

I love your journal page! Very thoughtful and cool. And the foliage photos are so colourful and pretty! I love it when the trees go so red.

Let's Art Journal said...

Wonderful page! The head is brilliant and I love all the things going on in it especially that light bulb and the background you created is perfect 😁. I love it! The fall colours and vistas are so beautiful, how I love New England in the fall, now I'm wishing I was there Wishing your mum a very happy birthday this weekend, wow, 88 years is definitely worth celebrating πŸ˜€. Happy weekend! J 😊

craftytrog said...

A cool page, and beautiful Autumn pics Erika!

butterfly said...

I know that feeling very well - great page with strong words. And more lovely autumn pictures, thank you.
Alison x