Monday, March 22, 2021

T Stands for Home Improvement

 Hi everyone. Happy T day. It is always amazing how fast the weeks go by, and we are back to Tuesday again.

Today has been an exciting day for me. Sign ups for the covid vaccine began this morning for my group  in New Hampshire. I went on, battled the system that didn't work 100%, went back an hour later and managed (somehow) to get an appointment today for my vaccine. Shot one is done.

The other news for me this week is I am almost done painting my living room, stair well and upstairs landing. It has been a long process. The actual painting took a few days over several weeks (as I didn't paint everyday), but choosing a color was a project in itself.  I started back in January. My original color chosen was coffee.

Coffee colors vary as those of you who drink the beverage know. There is black coffee, weaker brown coffee, milky coffee, and all the colors that milky coffee can be, depending on your ratio of coffee to milk, cream, half and half, or other creamer you add. Here's what Wikipedia says about the color coffee:

Coffee is a brownish color that is a representation of the color of a roasted coffee bean. Different types of coffee beans have different colors when roasted—the color coffee represents an average. The first recorded use of coffee as a color name in English was in 1695.

I went to Home Depot and bought a few paint samples in the coffee range, came home, and painted patches of them on a wall.

I actually liked the Oxford Street color at the top, but since my house is a post and beam, and I have wood ceilings as well as wood posts through the area, I thought there would just be too much brown. 

I also liked the canyon dusk, the bottom sample color, but when I painted a big section of the wall and looked at it for a couple of days, it just was too blah in my particular space. I have a lot of natural colors in my living room, and I wanted something a little brighter.

After the coffee shades,  I tried some light oranges, some adobe-orange-tans and even a light rust color.

Then I went onto greens.
Good thing you can buy paint samples for 98 cents at Home Depot as I have a whole collection of colors now.

I love the color green. The original color of my room was a sage green, which has worked great, but after 20 years it was time for a change.  I actually like all the sample green colors on my wall, but I wanted something  that matched the style of my house and  items  I already had in it. 

The new color is behind the TV on the left. It is called Bay Water. The old color is behind the fish on the right. Since  it's been so long from when I painted that color, and I don't know it's  name, I'll call it sage green.

I looked up the color Bay Water on the internet. The Home Depot paint is a green tint, but other paint companies have a Bay Water color and it is more blue. I think its fun that the paint designers get to name their paint colors. I think the name Bay Water sounds more blue than green, unless the bay where the water is is in a swamp. I like this green though, whatever color you want to call it.

My new color  is not drastically different from the old color, especially in less light,  but it is different enough. It certainly freshens up the area and is a little brighter. Painting also gave me a chance to wash curtains, clean out radiators, sort through the pile of dog toys...another words, I've done some spring cleaning too.

It might be a stretch, but my drink reference this week is in my paint colors. There's coffee and (bay) water. If that doesn't work, here's a some green tea (which you can't see in this photo) in a mug that has some Bay Water as well as my old paint color sage green color on it.  

I am linking up to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog where we meet each Tuesday with our drink related posts. 

I have one high section left to paint, over the sliding door. The hubby dug out the big ladder for me, and my plan is to paint that section one day this week. Hopefully, then we can move onto the stairs. The plan is to pull up the carpet, which is even older than my sage colored paint was, and put in some finished wood treads. That project is on the hubby's list, and he is planning on taking some vacation time once better weather is more guaranteed. 

That's about all for me. Wishing you a wonderful T day and nice week too.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love coffee, but I fear I would quickly get tired of that color on my walls. I like the different color green you chose. It reminds me of lime sherbet. The sage reminds me of the pot of sage that is doing OK in my dining room. They both go well with your beams. And you now have a TON of new colors to choose from to use in journals and ABs. I used these little bits I get from my Household Hazardous Waste Swap and Shop to replace gesso. They work as well and the "hand" of the paper is much softer than gesso.

Your mug is beautiful and it certainly covers the many colors you chose to audition for your walls. Thanks for taking us through the process of your painting of your living room and your gorgeous mug with us for T this almost Tuesday, dear.

Kate Yetter said...

I am loving your new paint color. What a pretty green. I like it much better than the old one. And I really like that mug.
Happy Tea Day,

Mae Travels said...

The difference between a tiny paint sample and a whole wall in that color is astonishing. You have done an amazing amount of work to choose.

be safe... mae at

Linda Kunsman said...

Love the new paint color. I immediately felt the blue tone;) My obsession with ocean water I guess:):) It's good to pick something that will work with the furnishings and decor you already have cuz otherwise- oh my, a can of worms opens up-lol!
Love the drink reference in the paint colors, and yes, it's so nice to get samples to paint on the walls or on poster boards even to get a better picture. Happy T day!

Valerie-Jael said...

Sounds like you have been very busy trying out all of those gorgeous colours. And well done on getting your shot. Here the politicians are still arguing about how to do things with the most bureaucracy...Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

craftytrog said...

I'm glad you finally found a colour you liked, the green is pretty and fresh.
I love your dragonfly mug.
Happy T-Day!
Alison xx
P.S. Good to hear your vaccination is sorted too;

Laurie said...

You’ve been very thorough with your paint selection! I absolutely love your theme connection, it works perfectly!

J said...

Erika you should have left it as a patchwork, LOL, I like the new colour, looks like a pale blue sky in winter, we decided to leave our walls all white after I chose a terracotta colour for our bedroom years ago, to match the bedspread, problem was with the sun on it we kept thinking we had left the light on, it also faded so fast, after a few months we painted over it, it took two coats of white, lesson learnt
Hope you have a Happy T Day
Jan S

Let's Art Journal said...

So pleased to hear that you've had your first vaccine - yay! I love your new paint colour on the walls, it goes so beautifully with the wooden beams - perfecf 😀. The name of the paint made me smile too and your mug matches it perfectly with the dragonflies and colours! Wishing you a great week, Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

Iris Flavia said...

"I went to Home Depot and bought..." .... wish we could say that, too. Another hard lockdown.

Now that you mention. Our first red-green kitchen came in 2008. Now we have the colors in the hall and living room as well - what if we get fed up with that? I love turquoise by now... Love your mug, happy colors (if a firefly once in a bus really did freak me out!).
Be careful on that ladder...
Looking forward to your finished projects, happy T-day!

one irrational bean said...

I love green too. I think our living room colors are very close in color, if not the same. Lucky you getting an appointment for the vaccine.

CJ Kennedy said...

I have such a hard time choosing colors for walls. So many choices it gets overwhelming and I end up just painting everything white. I like the colors you chose and would love to have the job of naming the colors. Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

I like your new color choice and hearing about the process. I wish I could paint here -it certainly needs it- but we have so many tall book shelves bolted to the walls it'd be too much of a hassle to contemplate.

Happy T Tuesday

LA Paylor said...

I have such a hard time choosing wall colors. I loved the color all thru the house in our rental here in Colorado and finally tracked down the color and found they no longer sell it! It was cheerful but quiet. I painted my kitchen in MD "livable green" from Sherwin williams and loved it

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love greens so your choice is just perfect. No choices for us just yet, although I do have to paint the small section between the hall door and the kitchen door where I managde to spill some coffee that just won't wash off! Love that mug! Happy T Day, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

You've been busy! That's a gorgeous color (bay water) and I can't wait to see how it looks overall! Do share when you are done!

DVArtist said...

I really love that green. Nice very nice. We get our 2nd vax on Saturday. I like your mug too.

Lisca said...

I know from experience how difficult it is to choose a color for home decorating. Well done for choosing that nice green color. It will light up the room.
I'm late again commenting. But have a valid excuse this time, I was busy celebrating my birthday!
Happy belated T-Day,

Sharon Madson said...

I like the new color. I had our living room in our former house painted moss something, but to me it looked a dark teal. My husband didn't want it that dark, but I didn't give in. We both enjoyed it for almost 20 years, then.
Happy belated T Day!

nwilliams6 said...

Wise paint choice but glad you tried out more than one color so you know you made the right choice! Green is fresh and I did coffee and was tired of it after a couple of years. Thanks for sharing all this! Very interesting and fun to see your adventure. Hugz