Sunday, July 18, 2021

A Country View (and Bees too)

Hi everyone. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

My clothes dryer (that I mentioned yesterday needed to get fixed by my husband), is all fixed and back working. Hurrah for that! And the rain that was suppose to come down all day yesterday vanished until  later Saturday night, and we even saw the sun a little while, so I was able to get out and do a bee check. Hurrah for that too. Of course the rain did eventually come, and Sunday (today) has been wet, but there is something nice about a dark Sunday and being lazy. I know the western part of my state has had some flooding that caused road wash outs and wet homes, but nothing as bad as some places in the world.

Today I want to share this page from my garden journal, which was really hard to hold flat for this photo because it is the back page (not the back cover) of the book. That is why the metallic paper trim seems to be heading up as it is heading into the spine because I couldn't actually get it very flat at all.

My background was painted a couple of shades of green and then stamped with some darker green ink dots.  I added a strip of paper with lots of punch out that has been in my stash for too long (back from scrapbooking days), some red masking tape, a metallic gold paper sun and an ancient stamped quote (one of my favorites) from when Stampers Anonymous wasn't just Tim Holtz and some of the other Ranger designers. (Although I am not putting down all the great stamps TH and the Ranger designers create.) 

The wonderful Italian countryside image came out of an old cookbook I have from the 1990's that I never used even once. I hate cutting it apart, but on the other hand, I don't think I will ever use it if I haven't yet, and it has some wonderful pictures in it. At least one page  now has a new life on my journal page. 

I am linking up to Alison's challenge at Art Journal Journey. Her theme is Summer Countryside, and that is what I am showing you today.

And with the little bit of brighter skies Saturday afternoon I went out for a bit into my garden.
I spied this beautiful butterfly on a bee balm flower.
I looked it up as I don't know the names of many butterflies, and it is called a White Mountain Fritillary or an Atlantis Fritillary. I'm not sure which. 

And there were lots of grasshoppers sitting on this bunny garden ornament.

These 2 decided me checking the bees was interesting enough to watch, but from a distance. 

My husband has declared he is the official bee photographer (smile), and he came out to take pictures. He even got fairly close this time. I guess that means he is getting comfortable with them.

There's honey being made in my top hive box, which is what is suppose to be happening. This will be food for the bees over the winter.

In my bottom hive there are more capped larva and a lot more bees. To my inexperienced eye, all is looking good.

I'll be back tomorrow for T with my boating adventure story. (Which of course now will seem rather dull and boring since some of you might expect it to be more exciting than it was.) 

Have a great start to the new week.  I hope it is dryer than ours is supposed to be.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I take it you are getting more bees all the time. It seems to me they are starting to multiply. I wonder if they ever outgrow their box and need more hives. You can probably tell I know absolutely NOTHING about this process.

So glad to know your husband fixed your dryer. A real handyman.

Your journal page is beautiful. I like the background and the sentiment you added. Thanks for sharing this with us and inspiring us at Art Journal Journey with your lovely journal page for Alison's theme.

kathyinozarks said...

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Northampton, MA 01060

enjoyed your bee post, your journal page, and happy your husband was able to fix your dryer-

Valerie-Jael said...

Your garden looks good, love the grasshoppers. And the bees are evidently doing well at your hive. Glad your hubby is now a bee photographer! The journal page is fabulous, it looks so much like summer. Have a great day, take care, hugs, Valerie

craftytrog said...

A wonderful post Erika. Great to see the bees and dogs, and that beautiful butterfly. Your page is gorgeous, I love the quote and that image from your unused cookbook.
Happy new week,
Alison xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Rain, rain, and more rain. I heard grasshoppers have been eating crops to the root in the midWest. Too bad we can't send our rain to the West where it's really needed. Gorgeous flower and butterfly. At first I thought it was a lawn ornament. Pete and Maddie looks so cute. I like Maddie's smile. Very cool that your hive seems to be doing so well. Stay dry again today

R's Rue said...

I love your journal page. I’m glad your husband could fix your dryer. Yay. I enjoying your bees as they make honey. Happy Monday friend.

Meggymay said...

Lovely photos Erika, I would be with the dogs and keeping a safe distance between me and those bees. Its a great journal country side scene as well.
Yvonne xx

Iris Flavia said...

Beautiful page. Oh. I realize the days are getting shorter.
Yay to your bees, I just (tried to?) send(t) some Oker-honey to Ireland!

Jeanie said...

I felt like I was in Europe with that page. I think it might be one of my favorites -- it has a wonderful sense of atmosphere to it. And loved the grasshopper photo. Those bees are fascinating to me -- I'm not sure I'd want to do it myself; looks a tad scary. But I am so intrigued by how they work together, the honey, everything about it. In your garden, they have plenty to enjoy!

Divers and Sundry said...

Hoorah for your handy husband! My daddy could fix anything, my husband not so much lol

Your butterfly photo is delightful. The most common fritillary here is the gulf fritillary. I saw a couple of grasshoppers here yesterday, but they were tiny things not nearly as big as yours. They'll grow, though, I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to when the hive gives you some honey to eat :)

Neet said...

I know nothing about bees, so it is fascinating seeing the photographs you post and hearing the different things - like the honey will feed them over the winter!
Fascinating photos and the butterfly is gorgeous. I have never seen one like that - not even in a book.
Love the journal page, and I know what you mean about the last pages in a journal - so difficult to scan. You can't get a more summery picture than yours with the fields and the sunshine.
Hugs, Neet xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a great use for that image - your page looks fabulous! Your garden must be wonderful especially with the buzzing of the bees! Hugs, Chrisx

butterfly said...

That's definitely a good repurposing of the pictures from an unused cookery book - it looks so good against your lush green background.

How funny that the rabbit is so popular with the grasshoppers! Excellent work with the bees.
Alison x