Friday, January 27, 2012

10 things Friday

1- Nothing better than having a big new jar (from Costco) of JellyBelly jellybeans and sitting down and digging out the black ones to eat.Yummy.
Plus it drives Dave nuts.
2-On the other hand, feel like I need to cut back on eating as it is winter and I don't get the exercise like I do in the warm weather, and although my weight has been stable so far, I don't need to put on any extra pounds-like I always seem to.
3-The days are longer, by 4:50 it is NOT dark...just starting to get dark. LOVE IT! It's amazing how great when the day gives you 30 or so minutes of more sunlight.
4- I noticed that the other day in the January thaw when it was warm I was SO much more ambitious and creative. It gets cold and everything in me slows down. But overall my winter slump has not been that bad so far this year-maybe because we don't have a lot of snow and it seems we've had a lot of days in the 40s.
5-So it is official, we are going to Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies this summer-bought plane tickets the other day when I noticed the price once again went up...kicking myself I didn't get them 2 weeks ago when the price was down, but we all do that...don't we? Retrospective kicking ourselves that is.  Anyhow, it will be a fun adventure in July. And speaking of travel, Arizona is coming up in less than 1 month now. We leave Feb.25th.
6-Was poking around on Amazon the other day and I noticed that fun new knitting book I want-knit your cat. I'd actually like to knit my cats,both of them. I know I will be a cat lady when I get old.
7-Lately the world has had this depressing kind of air to it...not my everyday life but politics. State politics digging into our retirement accounts, the school district trying to be super frugal and get us to give up things. I know the economy is tough, and things aren't improving, and so many people are hurting...BUT it is just that life gets tough when everyone is scrambling to justify their jobs and that trickle down affect stinks. Superintendent, state reps, city council...sometimes you like how the world seems to be and sometimes it's not so much that way.
8-Oh No! I feel a little bit like I might be catching a cold. My nose is a tad bit stuffy, my throat a tad bit scratchy...not for the weekend. Last time we changed quarters at school I got sick. Not this time....not now.... Katie and I are going to see one for the money after school today and then grab dinner since she's not coming home this weekend from school...the beauty when college is only 30 minutes from home-you still get to see your baby.
9-New classes are looking pretty good...and I love having microbiology at the end of the day...and those kids are really interested...what a great way to finish my day...I am relaxed when all the kiddies leave.
10-Some icky weather last night. Hoping this mornings drive is ok...and would love a delay, but not a snow day. Here it is- January 27, and no snow days yet this year!

So this week's fun Friday photos are a few studio snaps I took last weekend using the new macro lens Dave gave me for Christmas.
An old casette tape holder I got for free from someone throwing it out that I keep my inks in and a plastic plant pot that I keep my watercolor markers in.
This cool old mailbox unit I have hanging on the wall in front of my worktable that I store a lot of small stamps in.
Some ribbons hanging on my new holders on the wall behind the door.
Some little plastic drawers that I have hanging on the wall to hold little things. This has made finding those little supplies so much easier and they actually get use now!

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