Friday, January 20, 2012

10 things Friday

1-This week has FLOWN!  It is Friday already and it is already past the middle of January.
2-Exams start for me today. Just 1 more day on Monday (and the kids get out at 11:30 because of exams) and this quarter at school is over and we're officially into the second half of the school year.
I however am SICK of grading. Next quarter, gonna cut back on the grading.
3-Had a fun shopping trip with Katie this week-went to IKEA and a Vera Bradley outlet in MA. Probably shouldn't have spent the cash, not that I spent much, but got some good deals on a few things. I love a good road trip and I love some good shopping and some good deals.
3-Katie goes back to school on Sunday to start her second semester of her sophomore year.
4-When we went to IKEA I looked at flooring. This summer I want to rip out the 35ish year old carpet in my bedroom-(IT IS SO YUK!) and put in a laminate floor. I am ready to fix up my bedroom since most of the house is how I love it but how I want to fix up  my bedroom has taken forever to come to me. But we've been here for 23 years this May so I'd say it is about time to fix up this room.
5-This weekend I don't care if I go anyplace. I want to organize my ribbon stash, finish cleaning the studio and finally finish the holiday journal-which is right now like 97% finished. Just a couple more photos to deal with. I also need to do some of those usual weekend chores. Then we have Maine playing BC in hockey on NESN at four tomorrow so Dave and I want to watch that plus UNH is playing Merrimac on tv at 7 and Katie wants to see that-and we'll watch it too..and Sunday we have the Pats playing football for the AFC championship at 3. Sounds to me like a good weekend to hang home and do these things. They're also saying maybe some snow on Saturday too. Another reason to hang out in my sweats and a fleece and enjoy some home time.
6- Man, it has been cold the last couple of days (need to pre-start my car) and I am still in my sleeping-in mode. (Oh to sleep in every day until like 9!) BUT I will say that it is not completely dark at 5:15 in the afternoon...I am definately noticing the difference in the length of day, ever so slightly. That is encouraging.
7- I am still reading my Darwin book-haven't had any time to read this week since Monday. Not happy about that since I wanted to make more time to read. I did do some bit reading of my mitten book from the other day and I did read parts of a book on National Parks. Of course I have also been reading my honors ecology classes book papers...and catching up on last minute after reading papers I come home and don't really want to read right away and then with the dark and cold I get excuses...
8-Some light snow this morning...a little more light snow tomorrow. We're white, but not really white-and its crunchy icey snow.
9-Been thinking about doing some fabric art- sewing and painting some muslin. Now just to make my thinking a reality. And I bought some cheapo frames at IKEA to play around with some mosaics-trying to make some mosaic frames. Oh how I wish I had more TIME!!!!!!!! How I wish I could play 8 hours a day. I am in an arty mode and not a teachy mode.
10- I wish I could be going to CHA when it happens in a week or 2. Just to walk around and see all the new goodies before most of the rest of the craft world. It was be a fun adventure, don't you think?

And here's a few fun photos taken in the last week:
One of my favorite road trip and shopping buddies- my daughter Katie. (We're having lunch at IKEA)
At the hockey game we went to last Saturday night-Maine playing Merrimac College-can't get over this arena...I mean is so small compared to what we're used to.

It was raining too hard to stand in front of this sign on Tuesday and get a good photo so I snapped this from the side. This is in my town here in New Hampshire-the front of a local hairdresser next to the post office. The sign says you don't have to be perfect to be awesome. Hopefully I'll get back to get a photo of the sign another day before they change it.

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