Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finding Inspiration from 2008

Another review of years past. Today I went through 2008. Going through my old blogposts and finding some inspiration and lessons learned.
OK, inspiration #1- I want to go back to someplace in Europe. Here's a few pages from my Dublin/Ireland travel journal. As you can see we went in 2007 but I was working on the journal during 08.

This page I just love the lace, flower and little stamped pink birdies. Plus the picture is unique and she's a cutie.
Another page-I love that I found this giant beer sticker, and snapped this photo from a bus window and then cut out the words from a brochure.
Love this painted and stamped fabric book -this is what I am thinking about doing now...bright colors and design.
Made these cloth hearts and love the layered background.
An atc swap I was in-love the layering here. It is so tradition Valentine's Day.
I took this FANTASTIC mosaic class. This is a close up of my still most favorite polymer tile mosaic I have made.
A fun ATC-I like the rainshowers.
A make me happy collage page from my travel journal for in Feb or 2008 I went to London with my family for a few days. I used lots of newspaper cut outs and some stamps from Blade and some buttons....
I love this page because of how much I hated this page when I made it-I still remember that dislike.  Now I actually like it.
I like this card because its quirky...all the carrots-so different for me.
Took this Alice in Wonderland book class and I like how I took just a so-so book I did in class and came home and really jazzed it up...well, enough to make it a book I now really like.
Another London journal page...a tea page since we were in London afterall. Like the fun background I stamped, like how there's no photo, like how I used assorted stamped items...
This page is strictly an art journal page from Greenwich, England.  I like how it looks rich, the background has some depth, the big gold chipboard key....
Love how I played a bit differently with a photo of fish and chips. The fish, the waves, and Big Ben clock tower...
I love the circle journalling tag , the post makrs and I love the 3 birds I stamped.
I love the paint, even if it did get a bit pink and I love the Churchill postcard. Perfect for the Cabinet War Rooms but not too obvious.
Love how I cut out the photo and the grunge little tag I made.
Page from a holiday book. I like the different textures...gems, paper leaves, stamping, coloring...
I love this flip book I made...that it flips.
Fun page...How adding the little bird imade really makes the saying stamp so much more fun.
So how am I inspired?
Well, like the review of 2007, I definbately need to try some more and various art forms and styles.
And I need to travel more....
I need to be me and stop trying to follow the's not bad...
And I like adding some different and fun items-like the pink birdies above and the little red bird right here on the holiday book.
Make it fun!!!

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