Friday, January 13, 2012

10 things Friday

1-It is SO hard to get up for work at this time of year when it is COLD and DARK. I just want to sleep.
2-It's Friday the 13th. Are you supersitious?
3-So excited-long weekend ahead. That means I can sleep late for 3 mornings. YAHOO!!
4-Hockey game tomorrow again-going with Dave's older sister and her hubby to see Maine play at Merrimac. After last weekend's fantastic win maybe we'll still be on a roll.
5- Katie is off to NYC for this weekend. I am so jealous. I love NYC...wait a minute...I love to go practically everywhere.
5- This weekend I am going to finish my Holiday Journal if it means I have to sit for every moment of the weekend working. I want to finish...I am ready to move on.
6- Then I am going to clean up my studio a isn't too too bad...but all my holiday items (like the giant bin of rubber stamps I have accumulated) need to get picked up and pushed out of the way...I store my holiday items in the back of the closet...I can get to them easy enough if I want them but they are out of the way enough that they don't take up useful storage space.
7-Icey so we have another delay this morning. And yesterday we had some icky messy winter weather...we had a our first delay (was raining when I got to the coast) but the drive down the Spaulding Turnpike was HORRIBLE-the snow was less here than in Dover and the drive home up the Spaulding Turnpike was HORRIBLE as it was icing in Dover and I hope that doesn't happen again soon.
8-Still watching my old movies-right now I am into Katherine Hepburn.
9-Still reading the Origin about Darwin...enjoying it but it a slow read. I am more than 1/2 way through now though...this week has not been a big reading week,
10-This week has been a bit less busy than last week at work, thankfully. Still, too many meetings! One day can throw off your whole week. But you know what, it is FRIDAY and the week is winding down! I also think I am so ready for a vacation...even though I was just off...two weeks down until the next one...and then we're off to Arizona...and anyhow...the quarter ends in just 5 more school days-not counting today.

And here's 2 totally random photos for new Friday addition to my 10 things right now list:
Here's a COOL moose a Cabella's in Scarborough, Maine.

Here's me at the science museum in Boston in this cool glass wall .

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