Monday, April 23, 2012

Nature Busting Out

I am writing this Sunday night as it rains and it is amazing how the leaves are popping out. The wood around my home is tinged with lots of bright new leaf green. So amazing to watch the spring arrive.
Onto Monday!
Here's some weekend photos.
The cherry blossoms are past now.
But I have daffodils.
And we are getting new baby leaves outside...
and new leaves on my tomato seedlings inside the house.
And this ancient pink carpet (complete with some animal hair) is now at the dump. After 23 years of living in this house (and it was here when we moved in) we finally ripped it out yesterday. Yahoo! New floor coming this summer.
And I didn't know I could make collages in Photoshop.  OK, I should have known this but I didn't. Made this page to stick in the front of my OBX,North Carolina vacation scrap journal which might even get finished today.
I mentioned yesterday how I started to assemble the pages in my next travel journals. Here's some of the assortment of materials I am using.
So that was my Sunday and weekend. And now for Monday, a rainy day. Hmmm...we'll see what I feel like doing. All I know is I am hanging home and staying in my sweats ALL day.
Thanks for stopping by.

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