Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Yesterday was even warmer  than Saturday-we hit about 77. It was beautiful. And today they say 88! That is just plain HOT!!!!!
I can tell it is  because it is already 60 degrees and it is only 5:20 A.M. (PLus I set the alarm wrong- woke up a bit late-grrrr).
So it was a great weekend to work in the yard. Saturday was mulch day for me. Yesterday Dave finished opening the screen porch and I cleaned it out and then spent my afternoon hanging out and reading.
It was spectacular.
Dave spent the morning fertilizing and all that stuff  the lawn needed and then it took all afternoon to put the a composter together. Going to go green and do some composting this summer-
I made fish and chips for dinner-first time I ever made homemade fried battered fish and it was pretty good.
Here's some views  from Sunday.
Pre-cleaning-here's all the lawn furniture piled in the screen porch.
Here's my deck-the Buddha stove (chiminea is the real name but we like to call it the Buddha stove), the grill and all my flower pots just waiting for a few more weeks to get flowers.
Dave assembling the composter.

A glass of lemonade/ice tea, my pleasure reading, my favorite lounge chair that Katie and Dave gave me for mother's day years ago.
gnomes are back in the gardens
leaves are starting to pop
There are even more cherry blossoms than the day before.

And the bees are buzzing around.
Spring is really here!!!!!!
Did I mention yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking? I think it happened like last night-not sure the time. It must have been a horrible scene that night, and it is amazing how passionate some people are about the topic.
Not me I will be honest.
Thanks for visiting. I'll be back tomorrow with some art.
Have a fabulous day.

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