Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Things Friday

10 Things Friday, the Spring/Easter edition!

1- It is 4th quarter at school. Wow. How can the first quarter of the school year go SOOOOO slow and then the rest of the year flies by? And this year, no snow days- at least not yet?
2-Why is it I am still secretly a bit worried we might get buried by a BIG snowstorm? (Maybe because the weather has been so weird this year.)
3-It is Easter weekend. Time to eat lots of jellybeans and of course my favorite-Cadbury mini-eggs.
4- Pretty soon my daffodils will be blooming. BUT you drive around and see lots of them in bloom already. I  think we used to never see them until May. Am I remembering that correctly?
5-Spring garden raking is finished (earliest ever for me). Now I just need to mulch.
6- Yesterday was opening day for the Red Sox. I'm not the biggest baseball fan on the planet, but it is a sign of SPRING in New England-and a big day in Red Sox Nation. Go Sox.
7- This weekend we need to do our taxes. YUK! We always procrastinate, but I don't want to to get in pressure mode next weekend.
8-Last night the Frozen Four in NCAA hockey also started. Wish Maine had made it that far. But they didn't, so we rooted for BC. (Just because we would like to see a Hockey east team win, any hockey east team...) And tomorrow night, the final game. Then hockey season really is done. But I must admit...I have moved on. It is now spring and hockey isn't really a spring sport.
9- Another sign of spring in New better take in those bird feeders. Bears are BACK.
10-So when today is under my belt- it will only be 2 weeks until vacation. At 3 weeks you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, at 2 weeks you can start to smell vacation, and then with 1 week left, you are counting the days.

And this week's photos, thought I would show you some of the items from Wednesday's post, with my die cut hanging pieces. Now, for each one up close and a bit more "personal".

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