Friday, April 27, 2012

Day Out

Wanted to show you a few snapshots from my fun road trip yesterday. Figured I would write a second post to show you my fun day out.
So my friend Vicky and I went to Salem, Massachusetts to one of my favorite art museums-the Peabody Essex Museum. If you are ever in Salem, don't spend your whole day doing witch things and visit this museum. It is fantastic.

This is the exhibit we went to see. I saw lots of Native American art, both antique and modern. There was video, music, painting, weaving, sculpture. The art was fantastic-some of it was just beautiful and some of it was challenging and making statements about how Native Americans were/are treated. I really really enjoyed this exhibit a lot. It made me think and feel good and feel uncomfortable. I guess that is what good art is suppose to do, isn't it?
This painting was outside the gift shop and you could buy copies of it. I love the colors. 
And look at this statue we found when we took a little walk for some fresh air in Salem. Its a statue of Elizabeth Montgomery the star if Bewitched. Perfect for Salem, MA and its witchy history.
There's even this TVLand  star plaque like a mini Hollywood walk of fame.
So we had fun-lots of chatting and laughing and a nice girls day out.
So I've been watching more of Dark Shadows-it is really getting spooky!
Have a great Friday!

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