Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time is Flying

One week is not enough time off, so I have discovered for the 100th time. And staying home I keep finding things to projects...books to to play time. I guess I just expect way too much for the week.
Today I am off with my friend Vicky to the Peabody Essex Museum. This one of my most favorite museums  ever and it is in Salem, Massachusetts. No witches here however-it is all about art-and lots of nautical items. They also have this whole Chinese house which is very cool. We are going to see a Native American exhibit. I am very excited to do something fun-take an adventurous road trip. But part of me is in the biggest homebody mood I've had in a long long time...just wanting to do all those many things I can do here at home.
And watch more of Dark Shadows. It's a lot of fun and is one thing I didn't plan on doing, but am loving it.
Dark Shadows Collection 1
Did I mention I got a few of the DVDs at Costco on Tuesday?
And I have been doing some art every day. Here's some views.
A sewing project-making some prayer flags (inspired by the latest Cloth, Paper, Scissors issue) which I am going to turn into kitchen curtains.
And here's a second one. Want to see the flower close up?
I cut the flowers using a Sizzix quilting die that makes 3D flowers. The leaves are also cut from a Sizzix die. (As are the hearts.) I sewed 2 of the die cuts together and then made the flower. I added some green yarn as the inner stamen and pistols-to give the flower some more depth.
Here's a last view of my sewing prayer flags.
Think these prayer flags might still need a little something-but will let them roll around in my head a bit first. Since they are going to be curtains- I don't want them too busy and I want them to match my kitchen.
The other day at my mom's I also worked on a glue book with a bunch of "scrap" items from a trip my family and I took back in 2009. You know brochures, tickets, maps, etc. Figured rather than just throwing these things away, and they are so full of info about the trip, I would glue them down and make a glue book. 
Will show you some of those pages another day.
Got to have some suspense, eh?
Have a great Thursday everyone!

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