Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Things Friday

It is Friday again!!!!
Here's my weekly list!

1-Only 1 week until vacation! I am counting the days.
2-It really feels spring like now. I am not worrying about snow anymore (now watch us get a storm). The other day when I went to Barnes and Nobel's all the cherry trees in the parking lot were blooming-so pretty- all puffs of white and pale pale pink. No black flies yet, but I am sure they will be on their way soon.
3-I am so ready to spend some days hanging out at home and doing what I feel like doing. Reading, relaxing, making some art. I am not going to schedule too many busy days on my week off. It feels so good to do a few chores and then play. Relax. Let it all go. I love this time of year when you get a warmish but not hot day. I love puttering around. But to contradict myself, I would like a day's road trip. Just not too many.
4- Been in a knitting mode lately. Working on my seaweed scarf. Want to make a should bag based on some cool patterns I saw in the latest Knitting Traditions magazine. It is a great magazine.
5- And I have been reading more too.  Funny how you go through different moods and phases. Very very close to finishing my latest read. Am loving this book but am ready to read something else right now. Plus the new Sookie novel comes out in just a few weeks and I want to get caught up on some reading by then.
6-My tomato seeds are starting to sprout. This time of year I get into the gardening mode. I've also got some peppers planted in some starter cups too but they haven't sprouted yet.
7- Anyone know when the Dark Shadow's film comes out? With Johnny Depp. I used to love that show when it came out when I was a kiddo. I notice the series is coming out on DVD and I want to re-watch them since its been ages since I was a kiddo. But I just checked and to get the whole series is over $500---eeks! And the DVD comes out in July.
7-Tomorrow is the MS walk that our National Honor Society kids work at. As an adviser I should go down and stick my head in, but I do work over 30 miles away from my house, so I weather watching. I may go walk the 5 mile walk, it is a good cause and it is fun to do. Let you know later.
8- Just a few more pages to finish in my OBX journal. Can't wait to get it done. I have had a blast making it, going to the beach, enjoying the summer sun and warmth all this winter from the comfort of my studio. I am going to (hopefully) get it finished by the end of my vacation. Maybe even before my vacation starts-if I am a busy girl and get the time!
9-Katie is not coming home this weekend.  I am ok with that. Love when she comes home but it will be nice to have a weekend without her-she's at that age when she comes home and causes a commotion-you know her stuff all over the house, her laundy to be done, she sleeps late so you have to watch the noise, does homework on the table so I can't make downstairs noise or put on the, she is not any big deal when she comes home, but an off weekend here and there is nice.
10-And it is FRIDAY the careful you don't do anything silly to get bad luck. And also tax day is coming soon- are your taxes done? Mine are but just need to be filed. Glad that is DONE! I hate doing money things like that. (But once you get into them they aren't as bad I think they the procrastinator...of course we don't get that much money back...and often have to pay so no wonder why it is easy to keep putting them off and off and off!)

And this week's photos-
more signs of spring

a sign with some words of wisdom
That's what spring leads you to believe. 
Time for rebirth!
Happy Friday everyone!

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