Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April showers

Last summer I splurged and bought this set from an Amazon seller, which I have watched some of the videos whenever I get the massive travel urge. Home by myself-wow, what a thrill- and that travel urge is once again bubbling just below the surface. So yesterday I watched several shows on Turkey (looks like a really interesting place to visit) and today I watched one about ancient Rome-which was a great revisit from our trip several years ago. Saw the Forum, the Palentine, the Parthenon, and some places we didn't visit. What a fun thing to do when its wet and dark and you're alone.
Actually, been a great vacation so far. Sunday I made massive polymer clay tiles. Yesterday besides watching Rick Steves, I started to put together a mosaic for my mom for mother's day (finished it today so I can bring it to her house tomorrow when I go visit), cleaned my studio up a bit, ran some errands at Staples and AC Moore (needed more clay and some ink for the printer so I can print off more London photos later this week), and had dinner with my friend Lynnie at the Olice Garden. Today- I went back to bed after Katie caught the bus and slept until 9 (I love it!), went to the rubber stamp store in Laconia (don't go that way too often and I forget what great stamps she has!), finished my mother's mosaic, put some more stamps away ( took my clear alphabet stamps and put them into a 3 ring binder so their all together), visited my mother-in-law. Enjoyed my day, though it was busier today than yesterday.
Tomorrow I'm off for Paxton, MA to visit Mom. Will be a long day but will be nice to see Mom. I signed up for an intro drawing class with our local adult ed and that starts Thursday night, and one day I must clean out my closet and put the winter stuff away. Will get to it. The week is still young...
just having fun-even in the rain!

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