Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Things Friday

Already. First week of summer edition.
More like a wrap up.
My brain has slipped into summer mode and my usual less than high level thinking ability has shut down a bit more.
1-Love having time to read more. Ready for some mysteries and some junk reading.
2-Working on the getting out of work mode. Keep looking around the house and seeing all the chores that need doing. Feel like I need to do them right away but then I tell myself-you will get to them if they are that important to get done.
3-Keep pinching myself to remind myself I am on vacation.
4-Waiting for this  heat wave to break today since I have a huge amount of gardening to do and it is way to hot to do it during the day. We'be been hitting 100 with HIGH humidity. Definitely affects the week's plans.
5-It is weird not having Katie around as much as in previous summers. It is nice to have the house to myself, but I am adjusting to that too.
6-Had to get up today for an 8 am drs appointment-why so early you ask? Needed to get my cholesterol checked and since you have to fast, I wanted to get it done early. Tomorrow I need to work at the lake at 7 so will be up again. But yesterday-oh I slept like a baby in a very quiet house. Really didn't even hear everyone else getting up and ready for work. I must have been tired.
7- Yesterday since I wanted to be inside with the AC I worked on organizing my rubber stamps. Took me 3 1/2 hours but am SO happy to have it done. Now, I just hope I can find everything in its new places.
8-Also managed to get a big bag of eBay items. I have some things listed right now and more to come. Check it out.
9-Time to get in touch with some friends as it is time for some summer adventures. Or find some adventures for myself to do. I am so ready to expand my horizons a bit.
10-Back to Dark Shadows. Am really enjoying how the series is progressing.

Photos today are from our boating adventure 2 weeks ago.
Today-Portsmouth, NH area.
Portsmouth Headlight. And some of Fort Constitution in the background. It is actually not in Portsmouth but in New Castle.
Time to put out the lobster traps.
View of old Portsmouth, NH from the inner harbor.
Another view of Portsmouth, NH
Finally, here's the pier where the commercial fishing boats tie up. You can see all the lobster traps waiting to be put out.
Thanks for visiting.
Make a great day.

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