Friday, June 29, 2012

10 Things Friday

This week sped by! Wow-eee-Friday already! I have to say I keep thinking it has been a day ahead all week. So yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday when it was only Thursday.
Really, I am not trying to rush the summer.
My list this week is a summary of my week and some previews of my week to come.
1-Been having LOTS of studio time. Got so many projects going on-Arizona scrap-journal, summer scrap-journal, Gothic arch project, flower project, my journal for our trip in 3 weeks. Oh yeah, and I am working on a painting and that is so much fun. Must mean I need to do some more painting. Maybe I need to take a painting course.
2-Lots of mental conflict though-I want to play and the devil in me says I should do so some of those little house chores I want to accomplish. Don't put them off until the very end. But I just started vacation. I am on vacation. It is summer. So not everything gets done. Who really cares?  I hate when my brain does that to me.
Doesn't it understand the FUN and RELAXATION I have been having?
3- I am loving being home. Not bored yet. Been out in the garden, been walking, went to visit my Mom, reading...Loving it.
4-Took my kayak out and cleaned it yesterday. Now, next week, I need to put it in the water and go out for a paddle.
I would today but it is gonna to be a scorcher.
5-Next week I am working a lot at the lake. I appreciate it too since last week Dave found out he will be out  of his job in a couple of weeks. Poor guy. He's handling it well but you can't just lose your job and walk away without having some kind of reaction.
But since this is my place to be totally selfish and self centered-
I love my summer job at the lake-it is the perfect summer job for a teacher.
And I really appreciate having it and that Sue, my lake boss, gave me so many hours of work.
6-This weekend besides me working 4 hours on Saturday, we are going out on some friends' boat for cocktails and on Sunday we are  also going out in our boat to watch the Pease Airshow from the water. Katie and her boyfriend are coming which means we get to spend some time with her! Will be a fun but low cash spending weekend since we don't have to go very far in our boat to see the Blue Angels and the other flying planes.  Being out on the water (in the heat!) is such a summer thing to do.
7- So to appease the chore devil in my head, and I am going to try to do at least 2 of the following house things by next time I write this list: organize the basement kitchen overflow closet  (the whole closet doesn't need to be done-just the bottom shelves), start painting my bedroom, vacuum my car and/or the basement floor, or paint the wall by the sink the upstairs bathroom.
Think I'll be able to do 2? 
I don't know since it is the 4th of July holiday, I will be working 20 hours, and Dave will be home since he's going to use some of his built up time at work before the leaves.
Plus I have tons of garden tending to do...which depends upon the weather and if it doesn't get or stay too hot.
And if I don't do 2, or even I don't get to any of them, 
I hope my chore devil to go in hibernation or lock himself in some closet in my brain.
Stay there chore devil.
8- I also want to make this lemonade pie I have the recipe for-looks like a cool and yummy summer pie. Just got to go to the store and get a couple of ingredients I didn't quite buy enough of the other day. Like another cream cheese and a pack of lemon pudding mix.
9-And mostly, I want some low key relaxing time next week just like I've enjoyed this week. Slowing down. Just passing a summer day in low key mode.
Got to love it.
10-Still putting up some craft supplies on eBay.  Check it out-I am seller LittleHippyMom. Thanks to any of you that have stopped by and placed a bid. If nothing else gets done this summer the chore devil should be thrilled I am cleaning up some of those craft supplies.

And what is more summer than chairs and towels on a swimming dock?
And if you have chairs and towels on a swimming dock, you need a swimming raft too!

Have a great weekend if I don't get around to checking back in.

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