Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some Books

And the Story Is Happening
With summer just about here-thought I'd show you some books on my just read or wish list of reads.
And the Story is Happening?
Have you read any of Sabrina Ward harrison's books? They are more like her art journals. Don't know if this one is any good, but it is a wish lister. I want to look at her pages. Read her words which seem very spontaneous. I know they probably aren't though. My brain isn't so symbolic as hers which is maybe why I love her books-because she thinks  differently than I do.  AND She makes it ok for me to have MESSY handwriting. 
Maybe I should write a book?
How to Be Creative in Textile Art
Here's my latest art book read. I like it. I think it is a good book for me right where I am at this point. Basic  in a simple way but giving me more than the begining ideas. I am an advanced beginer at textile arts you could say.
I love looking at the photos here because they are very straight forward. And it is not showing me projects I can copy. I am not a copier, and although I do snag ideas, reading instructions for projects (to get those ideas) is always a lot more work because you have to pick out the little piece you may want to try. This book doesn't get bogged down with that. I just gives me ideas and ways to present those ideas.
I give it a 5 star.
Plus it has a really cool fabric covered cover. I like that little touch.
Martha's American Food: A Celebration of Our Nation's Most Treasured Dishes, from Coast to Coast

Did I show you this before? I've had it a month or so.
I picked it up from an Amazon seller about $10 cheaper than the discounted Costco price. And that was with shipping.
I like Martha's books. This one is no exception. It is a good compliation of American and regional recipes. I know I probably have lots of these receipes scattered in other cookbooks, but I like them in 1 place and I love the photos.
This summer I must try my hand at some hush puppies.
You can't find them up here in New Hampshire and I just loved them when I first had them last summer at the Outer Banks.

Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel
Finally, another book I want to read. Add it to my summer wishlist. Me and my travel is a serious sickness. More like an addiction I think.
I have started thinking I should write some kind of travel book...but it is not like I get to travel that much-compared to some people that is.
Maybe I need to make a career change and make my career traveling-
and art too-
make it a traveling artist.
Wouldn't that be fun?
Though I would miss my house and my critters and the rest of my life that you can't take traveling because it is part of the place you live-because I love my life right here. Of course no life is perfect...
OK, before I start to babble about philosophy, I will stop.

So I am off to work at the boat ramp at the lake today and hopefully will get to read more of my Ken Follett World Without End novel.  I am enjoying it but it is not as good as The Pillars of the Earth. I like how that book described the building of the cathedral as well as the personal relationships and this book is more about relationships-though they do build a bridge-you just don't hear as much about it.
But I am getting through it-steady wins the race they say.

Have  a great Saturday and I appreciate you stopping by.

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