Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Time

I think there's an old song that goes "in summer time and the weather is hot". I actually think it goes "in the summer time when the weather is high" BUT since it is VERY hot and humid right now I think my lyrics are much better for the moment.
After finding 3 dead mice inside our air conditioner yesterday- and when we turned it on the dead critters broke the fan in it so we had to  get a new ac-very frustrating. Better yesterday than before they all sell out I guess.But I did get to go out to lunch with my hubby which I never get to do when he's at work. And I ran into Target and Staples to get a few things and tried to stay out of the heat which read 100 degrees on my car thermometer.
Last night was also the 3 people on the jet skit adventure-me, Dave and Katie. Was fun except when we stopped to swim we lost balance and it totally tipped over-we had to right the machine but luckily nothing fell to the bottom of Merrymeeting Lake nor did the engine take on water. It was an adventure- as I like to say.
And not the day I thought I would have when I got up to walk in the morning.

But that was yesterday. Today is still very hot and humid but I am not sure what is on my agenda. It is kind of a beach day but with the house cooler now I wouldn't mind working on organizing the studio a bit either. It might be too hot in the sun. Guess that is the beauty of having a day to yourself. You can decide later on what you feel like doing.
It is weird because I am used to being home in the summer but I am used to have Katie around a lot and now she is working 3 full days down at UNH so Wednesday through Friday the days are all mine. I love it but it also takes a little bit adjusting. And I am still in the readjust to not working mode, which takes a couple of weeks.
All kinds of adjustments.
So here's a page from my summer scrap-journal- I haven't really done any other "art" lately-just this and my Arizona scrap-journal. This page is one of my favorites. I used a  Crafter's Workshop stencil on the page and 4 colors of Dylusions spray. I love the texture. Then I stamped those long sun rays in green and the 2 squirrels. I added a bunch of SMASH tape, another tiny calendar, a ring die cut along with a star die cut. I also added the stamped and cut out owl and the June tag, with the brads. Lots of little things to decorate this page.
And it makes me happy.
I am having a blast making this scrap-journal, but it does kind of get all consuming. I haven't yet had time to move onto other projects but I have an idea for the 4th of July I want to work on. Maybe today is the day to start that! If not, I have lots of days to do it.
That's what I have to remember-I don't have to squeeze everything into 1 day.
Hugs to you and thanks for stopping by.

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