Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Things Friday- a double list today!

Yes, it is here-
Friday right before vacation!
Right before Christmas!
First day of winter!
My holiday family cheer starts on Sunday-then it will be 3 days of cheering.
I am SOOOOOOO ready for some downtime!
And because I have been busy with holiday trimmings, dealing with a busy week at work (even teenagers are excited little children for the holidays), fighting a head cold, chatting with graduates who come back to say hi, Katie being home...and a few other items, I think I'll go back to my more traditions lists. My brain just isn't being very creative right now.
10 Things right now.
So here we go.

1-It is just DARK all the time lately and I just want to sleep. I find it hard to function in the dark. How do you cope with this?
2-I was hoping for a white Christmas but looks like with all this rain it is not going to happen. Too bad.
3-My house desperately needs to be picked up. I need to do that so when all the Christmas collection of gifts is here my house won't burst at the seams.
4-I want to assemble my gingerbread house tomorrow.
5-I am so excited to have a total down day, no plans, tomorrow.
6-I have been addicted to making on-line photo books lately. I find they go quickly and they are a great way to put some photos together and have them out for people to look at- rather than just hiding in my computer. 
7-Most of my wrapping done-just have a few small items to do.
8-Holiday cheer starts Sunday when we go to Maine for my husband's family. Then Monday we go to Massachusetts to see my family and then we just stay home Monday. How do you spend your holiday?
9-I really haven't had a lot of studio time lately, and I am wishing I had some more. Tomorrow. I am keeping up pretty well with my holiday journal though which is a good thing. That means I won't still be finishing it up in March.
10-Been also re-watching the old True Blood series. Really enjoying them. Love how you catch things you missed the first time through,

And here's a holiday bonus for you-

10 Christmas art pieces from the archives
10 things I really like how they came out!



Make it a merry Friday!

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