Sunday, December 23, 2012


Some more holiday art to share before this holiday is here. Here's some pages from my journal. Tough at this time of year with our dark New England days to get decent photos. Sorry for any shadows and bright spots. Some of these photos are either too grey or too white.
So this page above.
Die cuts on this page are from Sizzix.
The big red Merry Christmas is from a red foamy placemat I got at Crate and Barrel and then cut up.
Not about getting our tree- but about a car repair I had to do.
Here's a close up.
I really love this drummer boy die a lot!
A little better lighting on this photo too.
Man, the lighting on these photos is bad!
I haven't worked in my holiday journal since last Monday and I have a lot to catch up on. Kind of how I am feeling right now. Battling a nasty cold, want to sleep on the sofa but I need to wrap a couple of gifts, want to work on my journal but need to finish a couple of gift cards and my house BADLY needs a vaccing. Thankfully it is only the 23rd and tomorrow isn't Christmas. I just don't like doing things last minute.
I started putting a gingerbread house together last night and I need to finish that off too. But that is the fun part! Will have some photos to show you later.
Also my favorite craft store has all Tim Holtz dies on sale 50% off today but I can't make it. Would have been a great holiday gift to myself, but I bet I would have spent too much money so it probably isn't a terrible thing I can't get there-LOL!
What's on your agenda? Hope it is all fun!

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Carolyn Dube said...

Your Christmas art journal pages are fabulous! Love the the car repair page! Merry Christmas (hope that cold goes away by Christmas!)