Friday, December 28, 2012

10 Things Friday

New Years Resolutions
or another words
what things I would like to accomplish, succeed in doing, or finding during the new year that starts early next week.
Let me say that again-
the new year starts next week!
Where did 2012 go to?
1- exercise regularly and eat healthy most of the time-this is the year -I hope-to keep healthy and good health at the forefront
2-try to save more money...I'd like to end 2013 with more money in the bank then I have now at the end of 2012
3-read more books-make time to do that
4-make doing things I love the priority-got to stop getting talked into doing things I really don't want to do
5- house year- time to do some de-cluttering and more fixing up of what we have since it is getting about that time
6-give myself permission to purge those things I don't need an more
7-give myself permission to stop doing something I don't want or need to do any longer- like put aside a book I don't like reading or an art project I am not happy with
8-push my art-try new things, new techniques, take a bunch of art classes.
9- speaking of art, I go back and forth if I should have bigger goals. I should send out more art to magazines, like I used to. Push to do more craft shows? Or should art just be for fun? I tried that art push a few years back and I loved it but I also love just doing for me and having fun. But part of me, wants art to be more than just my hobby. Hmmm. Maybe I need to decide this year.
10-try some new things. I don't know what yet...but I need to be brave and take some chances-learn to ride a motorcycle maybe-that is something I thought of. Try something new each month maybe-even if it is something small.
11-Get back to my French...I have slipped away from it for a few months now and I need to get back to it.
12- Visit a new state or 2. A life goal is to get to all 50, and although I am approaching 40, I am not there yet.
Not much else for today. This cold is really wiping me out.
Thanks for visiting.

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