Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Things Saturday

Long Labor Day Weekend here in the US.
Although not the astronomical end of summer,
it is the end of the summer season socially here.
And after working 4 whole days,
I am ready for a long weekend-
before the back to school push really starts on Tuesday.
(What a baby I am, huh?)
Always a sad thing to see summer finish up,
shorter days-
cooler nights-
tinges of colors in the leaves-
but I do love fall.
If only I didn't have to miss so much of it cooped up inside at school.
So today,
10 fall goals.
(or around 10)
I'm not including the usual things, like making art or getting out to walk or any of those things I am going to do anyhow.

1-Check out Game of Thrones on HBO. I haven't seen any of it and I would like to watch the first 3 seasons (or 2 seasons) that I have never seen.

2-Make more pie. I have been a a big pie kick. Next on my list is Key Lime.
Gonna make one this weekend to try to cheer up Katie since she has shingles.
(What a way to start to school year.)
Plus I found key limes at the grocery store.
And with apple picking coming shortly, some good old apple pies will be on my list too.

3-Get back into knitting more. It was kind of hot, humid and I was too busy this summer to knit much.

4-Work on getting my reading pile next to the bed down a bit more.

5-Make a point of getting outside as much as possible. I am better when I can do that.

6- Find a short trip for New Years week since I am off all that week- 2 weeks this year for the holidays-wow! That never happens.

7-This has been a home improvement year in my house. Decluttering, fixing up and updating. I hope to get a few more little chores done. That's what we've been doing all year, nothing too big but lots of small projects are leaving my house looking pretty spiffy. When it is clean, that is.

8- Play hookey one or two days from work if I need a down day. Or if there's a good art class someplace I want to take. Or maybe to do something fun. Life is WAY too short to always be responsible-especially when you are 99.999999% of the time.

9- Do fall things. Pick apples. Carve a pumpkin. Go leaf peeping.

10-Practice some Spanish. Or my French. Someday I might actually have a chance to use either one of them again.

11-Get to a Maine hockey game. This season there aren't a lot of games they play down in our neck of the woods. I may have to take a little roadtrip to see them play this fall.

So do you have any fall plans or goals?
See you again soon.

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